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  1. ArmAriffic

    POLL: How many hours have you played?

    Every day since arma 2 and oa came out
  2. ArmAriffic

    ION, Inc.

    Someone please PM me the passwords :681:
  3. ArmAriffic

    Idea for BIS

    If you are going to make another DLC after PMC, try making a "two-in-one" DVD version, What i mean is make two Addons like BAF or PMC and make them available on a DVD mini expansion. If your not going to make any more DLC's just ignore this, otherwise this would be an idea for future BIS Downloadable's. ;):D:cool::bounce3:
  4. ArmAriffic

    How to enjoy ArmA 2 MP?

    IDK my internet is too slow and my laptop is too crap to play online :( :( :(
  5. ArmAriffic

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Well the Afghan army is our Allie, in OA they are like the Iraqi's
  6. ArmAriffic

    best place to download baf

    I got it from gamers gate, im from Australia and it's cheaper from gamers gate ($10 Au or US its all most the same for both now)
  7. ArmAriffic

    Final release of CAA1

    do the downloaded caa1 files have to stay in the downloaded folders and same organisation
  8. ArmAriffic

    ION, Inc.

    Anyone plz PM me the Login/Password :)
  9. ArmAriffic

    How to Waygate Several Groups?

    waygate or waypoint? idk what waygating is
  10. Anyone know if there'll be a lite one, because i can't buy it straight away and i love mp
  11. ArmAriffic

    Probability of appearance

    you can only do each unit, not a squad
  12. ArmAriffic

    DLC - bigger and new maps

    Maybe an African map like Duala (Thanks Icebreakr) also the towns and villages are too close together and also the largest towns or capitals are too small and not vary cityey
  13. ArmAriffic

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Australian Defence Force (There are already a few mods/addons but they arn't BI's standard -no offence to the makers)
  14. Do we have a release date for the bush master?