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    Battleye problem urgent

    now im running OA as well and it has the same proble with the OA battleye stuff it is really puzzling me ---------- Post added at 04:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:41 PM ---------- yes and i have tried running as admin it doesnt work
  2. nathan12345

    Battleye problem urgent

    i am running arma 2 but i do OA but i wanted to get this problem fixed before i install OA ---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:11 PM ---------- nope it still doesnt work ivee tried in none battleye servers and it works so it cant be the gamme its gotta be the battleye
  3. nathan12345

    Battleye problem urgent

    i am running just arma 2 i have got OA but i wanted to get this problem sorted before i install OA
  4. nathan12345

    Battleye problem urgent

    yeh i tried its a battleye problem definetly
  5. nathan12345

    Battleye problem urgent

    i already have the battleye file and im just dropping the updates into the file and overwiritng the old ones is that how u do it
  6. nathan12345

    Battleye problem urgent

    Heya Guys Ive downloaded the way it said sme thing it kicks me out straight away ive bought a port forwarding program but i dont know the port codes ect. that i need for arma does anyone know them
  7. heya guys im having the problem that everybody has i get kicked and the message is battleye failed to update ive tried updating it manuelly by getting the up to date one from the battleye website that wont even let me in a server when i try to play my old one lets we get in a server then kickes me from the above reason ive tried forwarding poerts tried iopening firewall tried uninstall reinstall tried reinstalling battleye it doest seem to work and i cannot find anything anywhere about it can u please help it would be so greatly appreciated