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  1. Playing Mission 2 in the British Campaign. Seems like every time i dismount my section and we move out of sight of the vehicles one or both are gone when we come back to mount again. Is this a feature? Bug? Anything I can do to keep them from disappearing? Thanks.
  2. I am trying to play Mission 2 in the British Campaign and I've found that if I dismount and move away from the WMIK's one or both won't be there when I get back. Is this a bug or are the terrorists stealing them? Thanks.
  3. Hi. I bought Arma Gold. The subtitles in the Tutorial (and the listing of tutorial missions) are in Polish (I think) when I want them to be in English. I did check the .cfg file and it does say English. Does anyone know how I can get the tutorial subtitles to be in English? Thank you.