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  1. from this post : http://community.codemasters.com/forum/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-game-pc-113/422318-hype-ok-6.html#post6379594 He said the sole attempt of that mission was to attempt to fix as much of the problems in DR as possible. I completely suck at that mission, I cannot finish a single primary objective. Someone asked which game I like more, ARMA2 definitely (will be getting OA). I do like Dragon Rising for its more insta-play missions, but i love flying around in helicopters and airplanes and that's just not an option in DR. ------ Looks like I wont be buying Red River, sounds like COD now
  2. If I remember it was actually ordering units out of a vehicle while in the vehicle, but hey, lets not keep to the facts :p I play ARMA2 a little, I don't get a great deal of time for games, but a couple of weeks ago Dragon Rising was in the bargain bin so I got it. The game was mediocre at best, but after installing his hacks/mods/whatever (AI one in particular), suddenly the game was actually pretty cool (especially playing Urban War). I just doubt 90% of you have tried playing Dragon Rising with all his stuff loaded on is all.
  3. How immature you all look, I was simply trying to state that its a shame that he's not making mods for ARMA2 seen as he's obviously good at it. Templar hasn't been here on this forum in like 6 months, yet you still feel the need to bash him and bring up something that must have happened like a year ago now. If you think he's a "CM" poster child, just read the posts he makes in the Red River forum, hardly posts of a "marketing alias"...... laughable I'm glad he doesn't waste his time here anymore....
  4. templar posted this in the RR forums. How many of you want to bet that when RR comes out, its crappier than this guys stuff? It makes me cry to think about what templar could have done for ARMA2
  5. this is just hilarious, remember in the Dragon Rising thread when CM brought out the DLC, how much Scorn, insults and bad mojo that was sent CM's way with posts such as : BIS would never release additional content in a pay-for package, they release it as a patch, like all companies should. and other similar rants about how BIS would never do something so utterly shameful. Here we are 12 months later and your all DEFENDING BIS for doing the exact same effen thing. worse in my Opinion, because they are making you pay for it on the PC, CM made all their DLC available to PC users for no charge. bunch of hypocrites
  6. its a donation link, whats wrong with that? you dont have to donate. He spends an insane amount of time helping the community, so I see no problem with accepting donations. actually, if I remember correctly, he put that there at the request of several community members, but i might be wrong it seems all you guys do is lay hate on him because he supports the game like he does, whats up with that?
  7. that was nothing to do with templar, that was because all the immiture idiots out there took the ability to edit the game and used to cheat on like every server that was running. so they released 1.01 to stop it (took them IDIOTICALLY long to release that first patch) you should see how far templar has continued to "develop" the game where CM left it : are we allowed to post links to CM forum? he has started a new project called Tactical Engagement Simulator that looks amazing!:eek: