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  1. Dear Sir, If your eyes don't adjust to light and darkness automatically, I recommend visiting eye care professional :p http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_eye#Dynamic_range
  2. Could someone please give me step by step instructions how to "Set the tone mapping to previous default values" or at least point me to a place where I can find out. Thx.
  3. 93616_gamma=1.5: 93701_gamma=1.5: *when you increase monitor brightness, you will see details coming out on 93616 but not on 93701. Couple words about gamma adjustment:
  4. I have to say that after playing for 2 dayZ with new tone mapping I definitely do not like it The fact that the colors seems richer is countered by the fact that the contrast is set to high and shadows are way to dark. A lot of detail is simply lost in shady areas. Night time is a total screw up. The title of thread is misleading, the tone mapping is not improved. I dissaprove with all my heart. To all "realism freaks" :p :
  5. Advantage is what I'm aiming for. I'll use any kind to survive :p *I won't use any hacks, or disconnect in PvP but: If it's in the game settings, or If I'll find convenient exploit: like (gutting cow together yields more meat) I will take unfair advantage, especially with patch number 666
  6. I'm sorry. This is how it looks on 93616: I can make out some details of what's what. It's not complete pitch black on the ground. This is "Pitch Black" 93666: Both pictures taken with same video settings (HDR set to Very High) *If you can't see a difference turn monitor brightness up @Dwarden Lol, chemlights and flares gets you killed ;)
  7. I loved new 93666 beta patch with new tone mapping, until nightfall. This is how night looks like now: Rolling back to 93616 for night play.
  8. I think when people start farming items, and a lot of new items are spawned somewhere on the server, fps goes down very quickly then.
  9. could You maybe just update the http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php so there will be no confusion
  10. Thank you God Bis. I was just praying looking for a fix to this what a coincidence :)
  11. GROM64

    Server queue system

    That's great that six updater has it, but I/We would like all the players be put in queue not only the ones using Six. If you are in queue from a separate program u can wait forever. Created a ticked for it today: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/32240
  12. wow, that's quick. This is getting better and better :) Thanks Edit: One problem tho: solutions ?
  13. I'm sorry, my bad. I always prefer to play in original language with subs. It's a theme from "Duty" base, in "STALKER" game.
  14. I just watched really cool, solo, game play with kinda cautious approach. I enjoyed it, so here you go: