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  1. Hi everyone, Looking to start an Asian/Australian (pretty similar timings)group of casual ArmA Players ,where every Saturday night,we gather and have a casual game of ArmA,nothing to serious Just a group where we can kill some OPFOR (blufor if you prefer) and have some laughs over a good game of ARMA3. As mentioned above we are aiming for Australian / Asian timings ,however if you feel you can meet the timings feel free to hit me a msg on steam. As for the games , we'll either jump on a random public servers ,download some missions or i'll make a mission for us to enjoy. If you're interested ,just leave me a PM here or add me and hit me up on steam. Steam : fathao99 Cheers, Fluffy
  2. Fluffy

    Your top 5 non-BIS games of all time

    5.Dead Space 2 - Thrilling and exciting! 4.Minecraft -Love playing it especially in SMP with my friend. 3.Sims 3 - Yes,you heard it right :D 2.Fallout 3 and New Vegas - I replayed Fallout 3 2 times and i didn't stop playing New Vegas until i got all the endings 1.Global Operations - The game was awesome,Something about it just made me play for hours and hours.
  3. Voted for OA in everything,even in the Eurogamer thing,i just spammed OA for all 5 options :D
  4. The Convoy never moves at all for me too,what i did was just continue moving alone finding random snipers,barricades and stuff and voila mission completed.
  5. Fluffy

    PMC campaign - Vocation

    You have to fire a smoke grenade near the first group,after that,the leader will say something like "Good job,frost" or something.The leader will then walk around shooting the aa-12 in the air for the next few civilian groups.Then the mission will proceed,at least this happened to me.
  6. I played that mission too,my A.I kept driving into hills for no reason and then finally after a long while goes back onto the main road. =/.
  7. Hi everyone, I have been using this script for a target range and i follow all the instructions listed on the script,It works fine on singleplayer,but when i use it on a server,the scripts counts 1 target less for example,3 targets pop up,i shoot all 3 of them,but the script only counts that 2 pops up and 2 of them were shot. Script by F2k_Sel // How to use. // 1. Place a popup target and name it to pt1 // 2. copy it 8 times and it will auto name the targets // 3. place this line in a trigger or init nul=[max,set,time] execVM "popup.sqf" // max is the total number of targets that will popup // set is the max number of targets that can popup per set upto a max of 3 // time is the amount of time to hit the targets before they go down _maxtarg = _this select 0; _numtargs = _this select 1; _skill = _this select 2; _targets = [pt1,pt1_1, pt1_2, pt1_3, pt1_4, pt1_5, pt1_6, pt1_7];// target names _many = count _targets; // count the number of possible targets _inc = 0;// keeps track of the number of popup targets triggered _score = 0;// keep count of the targets hit {_x animate["terc",1]} forEach _targets;//puts the targets down before the start _rnumber1=0; _rnumber2=0; _rnumber3=0; _flag1=0; _flag2=0; nopop=true; // sets them to stay down until triggered to popup hint "Setting up the Range"; sleep 2; hint "Ready"; sleep 2; while {_inc<_maxtarg} do { _rnumber1 = random _many; _int = _rnumber1%1; _rnumber1 = _rnumber1-_int; // 1. Check for duplicate targets while {(_rnumber1 == _rnumber2) or (_rnumber1 == _rnumber3) or (_rnumber2 == _rnumber3)} do { _rnumber2 = random _many; _int = _rnumber2%1; _rnumber2 = _rnumber2-_int; _rnumber3 = random _many; _int = _rnumber3%1; _rnumber3 = _rnumber3-_int; }; // 1. END // 2. Set the targets that will popup _rtarget1 = _targets select _rnumber1; _rtarget2 = _targets select _rnumber2; _rtarget3 = _targets select _rnumber3; // 2. END // 3. Popup target one always active _rtarget1 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; // 3. END // 3a. Check to see if more than one target is required and opopup at random // 3b. second target If (_numtargs > 1 ) then { if ((random 2 > 1) and (_inc < _maxtarg)) then { _rtarget2 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; _flag1=1; }; }; //3b. END //3c. Third target If (_numtargs > 2 ) then { if ((random 2 < 1) and (_inc < _maxtarg)) then { _rtarget3 animate["terc", 0]; _inc=_inc+1; _flag2=1; }; }; // 3c. END // 3a. END // 4. Time allowed for shooting. sleep _skill; // 4. END // 5. Check to see if targets have been hit and count the score if (_rtarget1 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) then { _score = _score+1; }; if ((_rtarget2 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) and (_flag1 == 1)) then { _score = _score+1; }; if ((_rtarget3 animationPhase "terc" > 0.1) and (_flag2 == 1)) then { _score = _score+1; }; // 4. END // 5. Display Score hint format ["Targets :%1 Hit :%2",_inc,_score]; // 5. END // 6. Reset targets down and restet flags _rtarget1 animate["terc", 1]; _rtarget2 animate["terc", 1]; _rtarget3 animate["terc", 1]; _flag1=0; _flag2=0; // 6. END sleep 2; }; sleep 8; hint "Session Complete"; Btw,im using ACE.
  8. I actually want Bohemia Interactive to fix the problems with hackers they are very annoying when you are having a fun game D:
  9. The Sims series has the best a.i it's liek so realistic they do everything liek humans!
  10. I....placed it in the conditions box... haha but that was for the 2nd code, for the first one it was still the same error even on the onact box.
  11. I'm not using script's,im just placing the codes on the ONact box. Edit:Nevermind,i made such a stupid mistake you would laugh lol,thanks for all your help Helijunkie XD!
  12. It does not work,i get this error called Type string,expected nothing. please advise.
  13. Hi,everyone,i have a few questions.I'm trying to make a mission where,i have to lower the ramp of a chinhook ch-2,the question is,how do i lower it with the a.i being the pilot I tried using the Command: Heli1 action ["Lower Ramp",heli1].but it did not work please any help will be appreciated. The addon is here if you are interested. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6232 Edit:figured out 2nd question myself still need help for first one. Regards, Fluffy.