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    I'm one from this evil russians too:)
  1. THX-1338

    European Politics Thread.

    At the all, usually, nothing bad in the union, but only if all countries have one common aim. Or one big enemy... In the EU case, we all see, that Germany , France and UK can to agree with each other on main problems,besides, if we combine all countries in the big common Federation , we must answer on question : who will be a leader? Too many differenced between the countries, we must wait sometime before this big step.
  2. THX-1338

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Heh... Putin strategy on Chechnya was simple - do not fight against muslim terrorists , like in first and second Chechnya campaigns , jast give him money and place one of them on the president of Checnya Republic post. And donate this bastards from government, using money from our taxes. The immigrants from Caucasian sub-republics flooded all Russia, created a lot of aggressive and impudent diasporas in all country, arguing russian and other non-slavic indigenous people in other regions, and police and goverment usually do not react on their crimes. They usually called this Caucasian mafia "churki" All this factors grow up nazi tendencies in the country and was one of the reasons of the protests in Russia before second Putin election in last years. And now insolence of this monkeys stepped from our board to other countries, and blow up civilian "just for allah lulz"... I hope, it will be punish instead tolerate.
  3. THX-1338

    Arma Memes...

    YAY! I do not know, can MLP call like meme,or not yet, if i post it in wrong topic, sorry.
  4. THX-1338

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Hmm, intresting, who take the responsibility for this terrorists act. Next US actions depend from it. I do not know, how much influence on US nation had this bombs (12 years from last big attack - long time), but somethig tell me, that popularity of republican party will grow up in close time...
  5. THX-1338

    BI games for PS4?

    I don't want to insult someone, but consoles is suck, because 1)strategies. how play in stratigies on consoles, like "big stratigies" like Supreme Commander , or more "tactical" like Dawn of War or Man of War or Company of Heroes? I very like this genre, and consoles can not ro carry on it. 2)The ability of controllers. The < 10 of buttons - how make the non-linar game with a lot of abilities? Of course, we can to divide the game on sub-mini-games, like in GTA, but we can't to do a lot of things in the same time in one moment. 3)the all simulatores only on PC 4)I can start to play two or more game at the same time on PC. And flood in browser in forums the same time with started A2 and minecraft, like in this time:D 5)the price. The good PC usually cost more, then PS, and XBox platform, but each game on consoles cost more, then PC game. And after 10 game on PS you spend money like on normal computer. At the end, the BIS studio one of the last studios, who working on PC-only projects, don't hide in limited capabilities of consoles. We all saw, what happened with military simulators on crossplatforming on the example of Codemasters and OFP DR. OK, BIS daveloping not only Arma series, but 1st priority must be on PC.
  6. Thanks again to topas ans his team for W39 alpha :) http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/4792/arma2oa2013032819533353.bmp http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3415/arma2oa2013032819022596.png
  7. THX-1338

    Cz 83

    I always liked the CZ guns. Thanks for work, nice one
  8. Congratulations for alpha-release, topas:) It's a very good tendentious - to give a community to "taste" the game or mod on alpha stage, bacause it's easier to fix some issues and bugs , and improve the mod Thank for your work, the work like this make arma the best game ever, because give a best invention of history era.
  9. THX-1338

    Meteor impact in Russia

    There are not victims,and this is most important thing, imho.
  10. THX-1338

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Finally good news. Good luck, guys, we always ready to support you. P.S. just do not planning to place the setting of the next part of game in North Korea, ok?;)
  11. THX-1338


    True proffetional work:)
  12. With the all respect to allies veterans of ww2, the D-Day theme appear in games too often. I think, the theme of winter 44-45 would be better(western or eastern front), because we do not saw the "oficial" winter before
  13. I do not have the right to judge this girl, because i'm not american and i dont know every facts and customs in their life. But IMHO, the compare with Pussy Riot is not accurately. What i mean?First, in my opinion, the PR is not political prisoners. Their action was called like "pank-ortodox-faith-prey". How the "left" (communist, socialist, anarchist) political ideas can live with orthodox religion - it's like tolerate ideas in nazi country. Absurd. Second. There are called somethelf panks. Don't laugh me - are we never saw the panks before it? Can wear pink paints and sing the song like Bieber and tell everyone, that i'm true black-metalhead, and i cooler, then Varg Vikirnes?Absurd again. Third. If they called himsefl like "femenists" , why they come to ortodox christian prey, if the main ortodox manual for family life "Domostroy" teach to control wife everywhere in with everyone, not so hard, like in muslim countries, of course, but with "sacred" BDSM elements too (your wife want to change pose in sex? What? Give this bitch to face!But do not forget to prey after this). It's like in old russian joke "i'm hate the nazi...and black man too":j: Absurd again and again... So , PR is not polytical fighters, it's common show-buisness freaks, like merlin menson ,which take their famous by scandals and do not have nothing common whith declareted polytical ideas, it's just show. So, I'm with Putin? No, of course, his fault in his allow on this crazy house to Russian Ortodox Church (next i called it ROC). Now ROC - is just a company, which take the money from goverment budget on the "patriotic and morality programs" ( in real life it's usual capture the lands, attacks on evolutions theory in schools, religion propaganda and etc.) . The last ears in russia ROC priests take the reputation of pedophiles , thiefs, liers , and , worst at all, liers whith absolute insolence and government support on TV and other pro-gov resourses (because the "raw produce" role of russia and reforms fear do not require the educated people, their need stupid people, who cant to ask question to "sacred" boss). And on this enviroment ROC needs the distraction from their crimes. The PR action - it's just common hooliganism, the most correct penalty for girls - pay a fine, some money, or in worst causes, just a jail on 15 days. But ROC started the propaganda , that PR "is west daemons, frighted against morality, sacred russia, sacred ROC" and other religion-chauvinism cocktail of lie. And all forgot about ROC crimes, and started talking about PR, even ROC enemies. And ROC taked their aims. It's not a "deamons", and it's not an "anti-Putin" democracy-fighters. It's just a hooligans, tranformed by propaganda into deamons and fighters. And nobody looking for a real problems. So, sorry me for this long off-top, by , how i understood the information, this american girl taked some real actions. And this girl , IMHO, can't be compared with PR, (with my more respect to american girl)
  14. Congratulations to Martin. Justice winning I'm russian too and i hope, that this stupid causes do not repeat We need just little more CZ-584:cool:
  15. THX-1338

    WW1 Mod - ArmA 2 CO

    I think, that textures of weapons and units need some more mud and dirt. Models is good.Waiting for the news:)