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  1. A couple of issues we have run into..... The building by the Chopper Service Point was destroyed by the enemy chopper. We were unable to repair or rebuild it so the service point would no longer service or rearm our choppers. That sucked!! The "Destroy the Convoy" side missions resolves themselves in about 15 seconds. We just love this mission and appreciate all the effort and work that went into making this possible. Thanks!!!
  2. inf25th

    [MP] The Longest Day: Resistance (24)

    Unfortunately that's not happening. Played for over an hour last night and bodies were still there. Went in server again this afternoon just to check and all the bodies are still there.
  3. inf25th

    [MP] The Longest Day: Resistance (24)

    I've been playing Miller Time and I really enjoy the game. I have one suggestion/request that the enemy bodies are not allowed to lay around. After about 100 bodies the mission starts to lag and gets worse the more bodies that pile up.
  4. Soner, we just love your ArmA 2 RCon GUI 1.8 and are learning how to use it. I have a question.... Where is the log stored on the server and what is it called?
  5. inf25th

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Can't seem to get a lock with the stinger since update today. Has something changed or is it just me?
  6. Yes, we experienced some serious lag also.
  7. inf25th


    Thanks for the QUICK FIX!!!
  8. inf25th


    OA 1.6 -- Ace Ver 1.13 r522 (DEDICATED SERVER) Edit: It does however work just fine on my Lan.
  9. inf25th


    Just downloaded (ACE Takistan) and we are unable to get anything out of the ammo boxes.
  10. inf25th

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thanks for an outstanding job!! We love ACE and appreciate your dedication and hard work!!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to the entire ACE staff.
  11. inf25th

    ACE for OA 1.12

    I am in the same boat... I updated ACE on my rented server and now it crashes at start-up looking for v1.6. Server is 1.9 and server provider won't update until patch is official ... Looks like I'm screwed!
  12. When changing position in the HUMVEE say from gunner to driver, it kicks you into third person view. Overall, we just love the mission. GREAT JOB!
  13. inf25th

    Server Control Login issue

    Type in password then press tab and then press enter...
  14. Great Job. This is exactly what we have been looking for. THANK YOU!!! Comment: Need a way to be able to delete and/or relocate Base Defense Items.