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  1. This is awesome and I'm enjoying it and I am not really a basic user of the ARMA universe! I did find a couple things that may need to be changed and I'll update this post as I find 'em... (I'm not including too many spelling/grammatical errors if they don't effect the point being made. PM me if you want 'em) Page 9 - Save this (make sure it is saved as hint.sqf). Now create another file inside the FockTest1.Stratis folder - called int.sqf. Should be init.sqf at the end. You refer to it correctly in the next line. Page 12 - Last line... realize not realise Page 22 - Use this webpage to assist with alignment and order of words!!!!!! ... It's assumed by "this" you mean "Wiki Scripting Topics Page" but could be slightly confusing. Page 24 - can also use || - left of your z key ... Shift is to the left of my Z key. | is to the right of my ] key. I'm US English keyboard. Page 38/39 - I may suggest adding (or at least mention in the text that it is located somewhere else) is in your section about creating units and grouping them, you don't give the code to add the AI to the PLAYER's group (just their own individual groups or a separate group). Looks great & looking forward to reading the next chapters!
  2. Where are you finding the updated Norrin Fast Rope scripts? I checked ArmaHolic and found only the 2010 versions... edit- sorry, just found them here. Are you still using 011?
  3. That's a cool idea on being able to change character models! Ok, just made the changes and found out two things. 1)In order to use an object as the place to choose your loadouts, you CANNOT have anything (except for the backpack line) in the init.sqf uncommented. Just the "_null = [this,"start"] execVM "loadouts\preset_weapons.sqf";" goes into the object's init. 2) Nothing needs to be added to the player's init with the "use object to select" method and the above line being placed in the object's init line. I'll get it up on the dedicated and make sure it works for everyone tonight. Thanks for your continued work! Edit - When I had the line in the init uncommented, I also had the multiple "I am ready" options but it was just me in the server. I didn't count (should have) but I wonder if there are as many "I am ready" 's as there are players defined in the preset_weapons.sqf?
  4. Ok, now I'm confused. I read and reread the readme but am still confused as to the new implementation of the "run via object" script... ----ORIGINAL POST----- First off, I need to change the line in my init.sqf from... _null = [this,"start"] execVM "loadouts\preset_weapons.sqf"; to _null = [weps_select,"start"] execVM "loadouts\preset_weapons.sqf"; (weps_select is the name of the weapon rack we're using) then I need to place the "_con..." line into .... what? I tried the init line but get an error (invalid number in expression)... I'm a noob, sry. :( ----EDITED POST------ OK, I just re-looked at your mission.sqm and think my first post is totally screwed up. So I don't need to add ANYTHING to my init.sqf file? I can take out all text relating to the Preset Wepons script? Just add... _null = [this,"start"] execVM "loadouts\preset_weapons.sqf"; to "weps_select" 's init line in my mission.sqm? Where would I place the "_con..." script to set the activation distance?
  5. JESUS! I didn't even have time to implement 1.3 before 1.4 was released!! ;) I've grabbed 1.4 and will hopefully have it on our server tonight and I'll post back! Great work Demonized!
  6. well, shoot, since Styxx says it works perfectly then there is no need for me to test it. I will update every single server I have control over (and maybe even some that I don't, muhahaha) and not test them before implementing the changes. Man, that makes my job A LOT easier! :p On a serious note, I'll see if I can grab it today or tomorrow and get it up on the server and try it out. Thanks Demonized!
  7. Yeah, I dunno where/how to put that in there. Place a trigger over my change-loadout-object and use that code in the "on act" section?
  8. Oh no worries Styxx! Yeah, Demonized has done some excellent work creating this! I'm appreciative of the fixes he's made and supplemental coding he's created to support (well, to be honest) my requests! We've been running the object-selected version on our hosted Domination server and it seems to work once on the player's initial joining of the server but after a revive, respawn, or player leaving then rejoining the server, we can't get it to work again. I'll test more extensively (no death & only teleporting, for example) and see when the option disappears. I have not done any editing in each player's init. I just included the following text in the init.sqf (notice I only uncommented the JIP one since we don't use it) ...
  9. You guys were talking about new side missions. I've got a great idea (eerily similar to Tank's sniper mission) that I described in a different thread... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=115575
  10. Very nice! You saved me a BUNCH of time since that is all pretty much over my head! :/ Where did you put that, in the object's init in the editor or in the preset_weapons.sqf?
  11. Awesome, those should be great! I'll see if I can get those implemented. I'm hoping to include that code into an object on the base so that a player can walk up to it, "use" it, and have the options reappear. I'm busy the next couple days but will try and start punching holes in it over the weekend.
  12. no worries, i saw that the other guy posting said it worked so figured i bonked something up! Yeah, a new set of directions would help. I was just kinda putting files here and there until it "worked". Downloading your new one now... ---------- Post added at 06:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:16 PM ---------- Works now. I'll see if I can throw it up on our Dedi tonight and see how it works. In your text, it says that a player cannot revisit the selection menu until scripted. How/what is that script if I wanted to include that on a trigger or something? ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:32 PM ---------- Oh and is there a way to include multiple player id's in one line? I have an ID that is ArmA2 and one that is for OA...
  13. Ok, started playing around with this today and have some questions. Here is my line from the preset_weapons.sqf file in the loadouts folder within my mission folder... Obviously, I'm doing something wrong because when I choose "Standard Loadout" (which I have edited to my loadout via RPT file) or the other two presets left in there (you know, Michael Jackson may have been on to a sweet loadout), it says.. "Script preset_weapons.sqf not found" To my novice ARMA2 editing brain, it seems like there is a "loadouts\" missing somewhere. I thought, most likely, in the first "addAction" line but added the text and had the same failure. Details about how I'm running it, atm. I've got a working Dom version of a map and I added your script to the init field. It looks like this... The MP map is running on a locally hosted LAN game with just me as a player. I can upload to our dedicated tonight to see if the same error happens but I've found that any problems existent in a LAN version, exist in a Hosted version.
  14. Looking forward to trying this out. Got some guys (including myself) who HATE having to take the time to re-spec so this will be interesting to try out. I'll save my initial questions until I take some time to play around with it. ;)
  15. I understand and appreciate your solution to fixing the scud problem. However, the group of guys I design for don't use mods (against my constant urging) and I try and keep my maps as "open" to everyone as possible. I'm starting to shift away from that for my Fallujah map but I want to roll out maps that ANYONE can play.