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  1. Thanks for the reply but markers wont do, im using a map that has no roads and im trying to make a road system going to a few enemy bases. And if i had to use markers that would be way to many hehe.
  2. Hey all, just wondering ive placed some dirt roads on a map in the editor but the ai dont seem to follow them. Is there a way to get them to drive on these roads?
  3. Hi all, so ive been using rail = position this nearestobject trackID; train setpos [getpos rail select 0, getpos rail select 1, 0.03] to get the engine to sit on the tracks with setDir which works ok, but there is a spot i want to place the locomotive thats in between 2 track IDs ,and also im trying to get the boxcars to line up with the engine with the attach to command and its kind of a nightmare placing a long train hehe, is there and easier solution to this ? or is there a way i can use the trackID and offset the engine and boxcars from that maybe ? I've seen there was On Track script but the link is dead. thanks in advance. Deg.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks Demonized that worked but i had to remove '_' before the acts so the unload and load cant get spammed when the heli lands, i just needed it to work once when the heli lands so that you only get those options after the heli returns to base. Thanks again. Deg
  5. Ok so now that when the ammobox spawns it will remove the Unload action for the heli and i also removed this from my base.sqf act2 = heli addaction ["Load Ammo","Load.sqf",[], 6, true, true, "", "(_this distance (_target))<6"]; and i removed what was in my heli's init and put in if (alive ammobox) then {heli addAction ["Load Ammo","Load.sqf"]}; but when the ammobox spawns i cant get the Load Ammo action on my heli, what am i doing wrong? I could put heli addAction ["Load Ammo","Load.sqf"]; in my heli's init, but i dont want the Load Ammo action there until after the ammobox spawns.
  6. Thanks that worked this is what i have now the heli's init if (alive ammobox) then { heli removeAction act1}; if !(alive ammobox) then { heli removeAction act2}; then my Unload.sqf ammobox = "USSpecialWeapons_EP1" createVehicle(position heli); ammobox setPos [(getPos heli select 0)+3,(getPos heli select 1)+1,(getPos heli select 2)]; heli removeAction act1 and Load.sqf deleteVehicle(ammobox); and my base.sqf where i call the addActions from if !(alive heliPilot) exitWith { onMapSingleClick ""; 1 setRadioMsg "null"; 2 setRadioMsg "null"; "blackhawk" setMarkerType "empty"; }; onMapSingleClick ""; 2 setRadioMsg "null"; "blackhawk" setMarkerType "empty"; heliPilot sideChat "Viper is Returning To Base"; heliPilot doMove (getPos hBase); if !(alive heliPilot) exitWith { onMapSingleClick ""; 1 setRadioMsg "null"; 2 setRadioMsg "null"; "blackhawk" setMarkerType "empty"; }; waitUntil {(unitReady heliPilot) && (getPos heli select 2) > 10}; heliPilot sideChat "Viper is Landing at Base"; sleep .5; heli land "land"; waitUntil {(unitReady heliPilot) && (getPos heli select 2) < 1.5}; heliPilot sideChat "Viper is refueling at Base"; 1 setRadioMsg "null"; act1 = heli addaction ["Unload Ammo","Unload.sqf",[], 6, true, true, "", "(_this distance (_target))<6"]; act2 = heli addaction ["Load Ammo","Load.sqf",[], 6, true, true, "", "(_this distance (_target))<6"]; heliPilot setdammage 0; heliGunner setdammage 0; heli setdammage 0; sleep .5; heliPilot sideChat "Viper ready at Base"; if !(alive heliPilot) exitWith { onMapSingleClick ""; 1 setRadioMsg "null"; 2 setRadioMsg "null"; "blackhawk" setMarkerType "empty"; }; if (alive heliPilot) exitWith { 1 setRadioMsg "Viper Move"; }; I use a trigger on mission start with the addActions script and set to once and delete on activation so that i dont have to call the chopper first and get him to land at the base to call that addAction script from the base.sqf, now im just trying to get rid of the Load action if the ammobox isnt spawned.
  7. Thanks F2k Sel i tried what you said, but i still get the Unload action on the heli after the ammobox spawns
  8. Hi all, so firstly i have a 3 heli's in my mission on the Fallujah map 2 for transport and 1 for support that can move anywhere on the map with radio calls, in the support chopper(named heli) init i put a heli addAction ["Unload Ammo",Unload.sqf] now wherever the heli lands i am able to spawn an ammo crate named ammobox beside the heli to kind of simulate Unloading the ammo, i also put an heli addAction ["Load",Load.sqf] that will delete the ammobox when im done to well.. simulate loading the ammo back. Now what im trying to accomplish is when the ammobox spawns i want to remove the action Unload so i tried if (alive ammobox) then {heli removeAction Unload Ammo} and of course it doesnt work , i know this is obviously wrong but am i on the right track? Thanks. Deg
  9. Thanks Kylania i do understand what [x,y,z] does i was referring to flagpole setPos [(getPos tent select 0)+1,(getPos tent select 1)+1,(getPos tent select 2)] i wasnt sure if the +1s ment the same thing, the issue i was just having i was doing flagpole setPos (tent modelToWorld [1,1,0]) instead of pole setPos (tent modelToWorld [1,1,0]) oops :o Thanks for the help folks :)
  10. Thank you that worked :) just a question though, those +1s what does the first and second one determine exactly so i can completly understand, i was messing around trying to set the flagpole all around the tent. Thanks Deg ---------- Post added at 14:51 ---------- Previous post was at 14:49 ---------- Thanks Master85 that worked to :) guess i just need to mess around with the values.
  11. Hi all, so right now im just testing some stuff on the mission im working on, and right now i have a empty tent that on mission start will appear in one of three places. Now i wanted to have an AI move with the tent plus a flag pole for testing purposes so for the ai unit i put in its init guy setPos (getPos tent) now that works great it puts him right in the middle of the inside of the tent. So my question is how can i move the flag pole so that it sits outside the tent and not in the middle, im pretty sure it has something to do with adding objectName setPos [x,y,z] but i cant seem to figure it out any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) Deg
  12. That kind of worked, but when the first guy reached the waypoint he deleted and the rest of the group just stayed there. Thanks Deg ---------- Post added at 12:57 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 AM ---------- Thanks i got it to work i just didnt use ''deletevehicle (vehicle this)''; and they all deleted when the squad leader reached the waypoint. One other question how would i add a sleep delay to that so it will give a chance for all squad members to reach the waypoint before they get deleted? ---------- Post added at 01:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:57 AM ---------- duh setwaypointtimeout :o. Thanks for your help
  13. Hi all im having a little trouble with my script im trying to delete this group after it reaches the second waypoint and im not quit sure how to add in deleteVehicle do i need to use setWaypointStatements? ive been searching around but still cant figure it out. grp = [getMarkerPos "Spawn1",side player, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "USMC" >> "Infantry" >> "USMC_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; wp = grp addwaypoint [getMarkerPos "s1",0]; wp setWaypointType "SAD"; wp setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; wp setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; wp setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; wp1 = grp addwaypoint [getMarkerPos "s2",0]; wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; wp1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advanced :) Deg
  14. Hi all i was just wondering do helicopters only land at the zone they where spawned from? or will they land at other zones that ive made waypoints for? ive been testing this for a few hours and the heli always returns to land at the zone from which it spawned from. Thanks. Deg
  15. Thank you very much that did the trick :)