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  1. For some reason it's not working for me. I have user action 12 bound, tablet in my inventory and the key action doesn't do anything. Not even in test mission supplied with mod.
  2. DUWS: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69354590/SPMP_DUWSv08b.Altis.rar Side mission selection happens right after first autosave (zones are generated, warcom kicks in). Framerate issues happen after when warcom starts deploying high command task forces. With two task forces on map, 6 zones generated it becomes almost unplayable. Give DUWS a run with mods mentioned above. It happens every time. I think it's the combination of FFIS, AISS and heavy scripting on mission part that makes it happen.
  3. Looks like my issues were cause by AISS. When I deactivated it everything works ok.
  4. I'm using: JSRS,Blastcore,FFIS,TPW,VehicleRefined,TMR_ALT,ALLinArma,and CBA_A3 On top of that I'm runing DUWS. It becomes unplayable. For example I can't select side missions once zones are generated. Without AISS it works okay.
  5. Side mission selection is not working too. I can choose side missions ok before warcom kicks in and music plays (before or during zone generation). After that (when it autosaves) clicking side missions one side mission map doesn't bring that do you accept selected mission prompt. Nothing simply happens. I'm using latest Arma with CBA and few mods (JSRS, Blastcore, AiA,AISS,FFIS,TPW). 0.77a worked ok but I really need that helicopter taxi being available after pilot leaves vehicle fix.
  6. Thank you! Looks like it's the best implementation of warfare I have seen so far. Great job! I wish my ping to your server was a bit lower.
  7. I can't for the love of god figure how to build aircraft factory. Supplies 30k, airfield occupied, all upgrades maxed and it's still grayed out. What am I doing wrong?