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  1. Speedle

    The Hornets Nest

    Nice mission, I really enjoyed playing it. Good job ;-) I think you left some debugging messages in the mission (for example, the hint that appears when you clear the stronghold, or the radio trigger "charlie", who basically activates the counter-attack).
  2. Speedle

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    Same error for me, solution: - open the folder "@SGW_Afghan" inside ArmA 2 main directory - check if inside there is a folder called "Addons", mine was missing so I just created it and I moved all the ".pbo" and ".bisign" files in it.
  3. Speedle

    ARMA 2, version 1.10 - Patch Released

    I installed the patch, and it works (sort of: it is still full of bugs) with standalone Arma 2, but when I use CO all the fixes from 1.10 (for example, Trial by Fire sound volume) disappear like if it uses 1.09 when CO is running.
  4. Arma 1.10, JSRS mod. I'm talking about this cutscene: In my case, the audio went well but all the animations from 1:15 didn't show up. The people who should have died got the damage (you could see the blood on them) but they kept standing and Sabre team didn't enter the room. At the end, just after Coops said that the bad guys had just left the room, everything happened: Sabre Team entered and killed everyone (without audio, of course)...
  5. Speedle

    Got game crash? Do this

    How you solved this?
  6. Speedle

    Freeze in Mission Razor 2

    I was talking to the power plant guard when the game got frozen. Plain ArmA 2 1.10 with JSRS soundmod. Never even gone near the red crosses... What the hell does this mean (from .rpt)? Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: kia_uaz_cargo02 Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: uaz_cargo02 String STR_rt_comes_to_staroye_F_3 not found String STR_SOM_Transport_BRIEFING_2 not found String STR_SOM_Transport_BRIEFING_ACCEPTED not found String STR_SOM_Transport_BRIEFING_NOT_ACCEPTED not found String STR_SOM_Transport_BRIEFING_TIMEOUT not found String STR_SOM_Transport_DEBRIEFING_END1 not found String STR_SOM_Transport_DEBRIEFING_END2 not found String STR_rt_comes_to_staroye_F_3 not found EDIT: changed place, same story. After 12 o'clock the game freezes. (or after I disembark from the helicopter?) EDIT 2: tried to wait on foot, it freezes at 12:02...
  7. Speedle

    [SP]Combat Training

    Nice mission, you may want to try using a silent hint: after a few minutes the constant "ding!" of the hint drives you crazy ;-p
  8. Speedle

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Mission 4: I just got the message that I've killed Gen. Makarov, but I didn't shot once... I'm still near the Light house... Bug? Maybe he got killed under a UAZ...
  9. Speedle

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Those are very good news! ;-)
  10. Speedle

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Just finished playing 3rd mission: TOP QUALITY, I really felt the atmosphere. Very good job ;-) Can't wait to play the next mission, the "real" ones (the last mission was a training op)... but tomorrow I have to go to work, so maybe it's better if I end it here XD
  11. Speedle

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Ok, played the first two mission. My comments: - first of all, good job ;-) - loved the firing range qualification, flawless mission, very nice. I suggest everyone reading the "Sharpshooting guide" on ACE website; - about the "sneaking qualification", I'm sorry, but I've to say that it's quite boring and not so realistic; no sniper goes alone and no sniper gets "50 meters from the target" moving on a plane surface with lots of men wandering in such a small area (basically, it's just a corridor full of patrols, over-covering an area). I understand that you wanted to focus on the stealthy aspect of being a sniper, but the point is that a sniper would think alternative ways: I've got a rifle that can put an 8 mm piece of metal at thousands of meters per second in the precise spot I want from hundeds of meters away: why the hell should I get closer than this? Just find a good, high, concealed place and blow that f***er's head up.. Also, I think no enemy would put so many patrols in a so small area, because there will be empty areas not covered by patrols. I'll replay the mission, trying to see the thing from your pov: I'm not used to judge at first sight ;-) Anyway, good job. I've got a similar idea for a campaign and I really appreciate the way in which you have managed to represent the sniper training (I know the Army's way of sniper training, you're mentioning HOGs that are Marine's snipers, but I think the matter is the same XD).
  12. Have you read this? It covers the basics of sqs and sqf scripting. You don't have to use { } in the above .sqf, because they are used to "contain" something, usually between control structures. Don't forget the semi-colon!
  13. Speedle

    Where is Takistan?

    Mmm, yeah... I agree, 70%. But what about story making? If the distances were greater, it would be difficult to write a plausible plot... Some math, just for fun ;) Kabul metropolitan area = 425 sq km Zargabad area = 70 sq km Ratio between areas = 6 Ratio between distances = sq root (6) = 2.46 I'd like to think that every km in the game would be 2.5 km in real life XD
  14. Speedle

    Where is Takistan?

    Yes, maybe the world is a little "compressed", but so are the battles and the maps in the game (no one wants to travel hundreds of km before starting a mission)... In the real world, there are similiar circumstances: for example, the Republic of Dagestan and Azerbaijan: different climate, different language, different culture. Expand a little bit the distances and you'll find that the Armaverse is quite plausible ;) http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Middle_East/Iran/West/Azarbayjan-e_Khavari/Sofiyan/photo438267.htm