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  1. Evanevan297

    Arma 3: ambient modules?

    I would like some help with this also please!
  2. Wow, I didn't know it was that easy. Thanks!
  3. Hi I was wondering if there is a way to add the weapons from Robert Hammer's weapons pack into the mission? I'm sorry if this has been posted before.
  4. I created a mission using the ACM, synced to my player. The units spawn for a while, but eventually units stop spawning. Does anyone have any idea why this keeps happening?
  5. I noticed it was already said in the beginning of the thread, but do you think it would be possible to add support for the ace wounding module? I'm pretty sure all it would take is placing the module in the map.
  6. Evanevan297

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Not sure if it has been said but you can't buy any mags for the P8 pistol.
  7. The thing is, i didn't spawn any vehicles... it was just me, as a us rifleman with garand...
  8. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but my game crashes whenever i go to preview in the editor. I have all of the patches and am running arma 2 version 1.07.
  9. Ah, thank you so much!!!!! I was looking around all day and reinstalled ACE many times... I feel like an idiot now.
  10. Ok, not sure if this goes here but I'm using ACE 1.3 for arma 2 standalone. For some reason i can't do anything that requires scrolling the mouse wheel with ace (none of the options show up) For example, i can't deploy claymores or put on balaclavas or pull out my huntIR monitor or anything else (even though i have entered my name in the config). I can do vanilla things with the scroll wheel like gear and stuff. I've done a fresh reinstall of the game and ACE 1.3 but still no luck.... I'm wondering if its just a really bad fluke or something?
  11. Evanevan297

    medevac support units

    I think something is either messed up with ace or my install... a lot of the menu options that you access with the scrollwheel for the ace content aren't working either, like the huntIR monitor or claymores.....
  12. Evanevan297

    medevac support units

    Thanks for the welcome, and the quick reply! I'm doing the exact same thing that I'm doing for the ammo truck... Does it matter if I'm using ACE? EDIT: Attempted it with other factions medevac units and have the same problem
  13. Hi everyone. I have done tons of google searches over and over and have yet to find my issue so I'm probably just doing something wrong. When I give a MEDEVAC or ambulance unit a support waypoint and then attempt to use the support command menu to call in an ambulance or medic support, it just keeps saying that there is no support available at this time, but when i give an ammo truck a support waypoint I am able to call it in just fine. Am I missing something?