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    Aliens Mod

    Hi Hcpookie. I have models for aliens that i paid money for. I would let you use them in this mod if you want. I also have the full LV426 map. and a drop ship. I also have a pro 3D modeler who i pay to make me models and UVmaps. I am also a texture artist. We could if you want go full on with the this mod. give it aliens and full Marines Vehicles.
  2. http://hoststuff.forgottenhonor.com/media/Planetside2/ForumGraphics/nc-advert-poster.jpg Forgotten Honor is pleased to announce F|H Marauders, F|H Marauders is Forgotten Honor's first ever outfit (Guild) within the new game Planetside 2. Marauders will play as the New Conglomerate faction and will offer 3 regiments to choose from so you will be able to play whatever you want so you can join the fight in the Infantry, Armour and in the Air. Since the game will be in beta soon this will be your chance to join in the fun as we will be hosting gatherings to play the beta every week until the game releases. You don't want to miss out so sign up and we will see you in beta. Our new outfit will bring you to the fields of Auraxis where you will fight over the continents with up to 2,000 players. Choose between these 3 regiments: http://hoststuff.forgottenhonor.com/media/Planetside2/ForumGraphics/Marauders-Regiments.png Every Friday evening, starting from 1900GMT, you will be put together with your outfit in the largest scale team-play emphasized battles, each taking place on any of the continents within planetside 2 you will never be out of the fight. And just like in all other campaigns in Forgotten Honor there are many ways to develop your career with ranks, medals and of course your teammates. Planetside 2 Planetside 2 is an upcoming video game published by Sony Online Entertainment. The game is a sequel to Planetside originally released in 2003. The game was officially announced on July 7, 2011 at the Sony Fan Fair. As in the first Planetside, Planetside 2 chronicles the efforts of the three factions as the fight for territorial control of the planet Auraxis. Planetside 2 will be a re-imagining of Planetside, featuring the same world, factions and taking place at roughly the same time period. As in the previous game, Planetside 2 will feature territory control in an open-world, large battles featuring hundreds of players on foot or land/air vehicles. Massive combat on an epic scale ! Coordinated operations every Friday night at 1900 GMT 3 Regiments to choose from. Air, Infantry and Armour A mature environment A realistic army structure and organization Development of your career with various ranks, medals and much more Sign-up today to F|H Marauders for all who want to experience Planetside 2 in its best form, Come and join us as we embark on a brand new experience within Forgotten Honor in Planetside 2. Experience huge coordinated battles every week and throughout the week play with your fellow members online in the biggest battles ever found in a online shooter. Join us ! For those of you who do not know about Forgottenhonor. Here is some basic info about the community: Forgotten Honor About us: Forgotten Honor is a gaming platform that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for games. We work our way up to bring you the opportunity to game as the way we think it should be: a full immersive experience. This is what makes FH so different. The context we add to your games creates a gaming environment you can't get with the vainilla game. Because at the end, those huge intense hours of gameplay with us is what makes a game unforgetable. Forgotten Honor has nearly 12,000 registered gamers and partnered up with AAA title developers and distributors. Forgotten Honor is a platform that put gamers together by giving value for their game experiences. Facts & Figures: • 11,400+ registered users (300% growth rate in 2 years) • 60 long term events for AAA titles • 80,000+ yearly unique visitors • Customized & unique interface • Staff of 35 people (voluntary work) • Organized immersive events over 1,000 signups (eg. Normandy 1944) • Partnered up with businesses (eg. 12,000$ cash prizes) • 7 years of experience Games: Arma 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Day of Defeat, IL-2 Sturmovik, Red Orchestra Darkest Hour, Men of War, Minecraft, Mount & Blade Warband, Red Orchestra 2, among others. Featuring mods for Battlefield franchise such as Forgotten Hope, Project Reality, Battlefield 1918, Operation Peacekeeper, Battlefield Pirates and Eve of Destruction, Planetside 2. Upcoming games: Battlefield 3, Company of Heroes I hope some of you will consider Joining us. Thank you for your time. And I hope to see you on the battlefield. http://wiki.planetside-universe.com/ps/Outfit:Marauders
  3. Just a small up date guys! our custom flag and standard is now in game.. pic: also our new server is now up! [FH]_24th_Prussian_Infantry_regiment. that's all for now guys.
  4. A short history of Prussia's 24th Infantry Regiment Oberstlieutenant Dallas Gavan 2. Westpr. IR Nr. 7 I Korps Königlich Preußische Armee The 24. Infanterie-Regiment was formed on 1 July, 1813. The regiment was formed from 3rd East Prussian Reserve Battalion and the 4th and 5th Reserve Battalions of the Leib-Infanterie-Regiment. It was titled 12th Reserve Infantry Regiment at this time and was considered to be an ad-hoc and temporary unit. With the reorganisation of the Prussian army in March 1815, the unit was made a part of the new regular army, taking the title 24th Infantry Regiment on 26 April 1815. The regiment was not officially granted the title "4. Brandenburisches IR Nr 24" until 10 March 1823. The organisation of three battalions (two musketeer and one fusilier, or light, battalion) was the same as the other infantry regiments. The regiment had no colours until 3 September 1815, when new colours were presented to the unit in Paris. The Duke of Wellington was one of those who was invited to nail the new colours to the colour pike. The regiment first saw action as a regiment at Goldberg, where it captured two 8lb guns. It was present at all the major battles of the latter half of 1813. At Möckern it captured another gun but lost 12 officers and 773 men in the fighting. In 1814 the regiment fought through France, being engaged at St Avold, Metz, Laon (captured three guns) and finally Paris. In 1815 the regiment was part of 1. Brigade, I Korps and was present at Gosselies, Ligny (where the regiment lost 14 officers and 340 men)and finally La Belle Alliance, where another 7 officers and 137 men fell fighting the French. For its service the unit was awarded the following decorations: 18 Iron Cross 1st Class 177 Iron Cross 2nd Class Formed from reserve battalions, the unit wore a number of different uniforms in its ranks though the officers, NCO and some men wore the correct uniforms (with scarlet facings and sky blue shoulder straps) in 1815.
  5. A Quick Guide on how to join. Go to the Forgotten honor site as noted in the pic above. or http://www.forgottenhonor.com/index.php Step 1 Become a member. - Click on Register on the top left corner. - Follow the instructions. - Read the Forum Rules. Step 2 Signup for a Campaign / Regiment. - Click on Campaign Signups - Scroll dawn till you see Mount & Blade Warband - Napoleonic Wars. - Click Prussia and then click Start Registration. - Follow the instructions. - If all thats finished you will receive a Private Messages with a welcoming, rules, and forum link. - Enjoy If something still isnt clear contact us on steam and we help you out. Steam : baz44331 cramble ---------- Post added at 11:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 AM ---------- Ranks of the Regiment!
  6. cant wait for next release guys keep up the good work. by far my favorited mod for Arma,
  7. something like this? http://dev-heaven.net/projects/inv44/wiki/Classlist
  8. I know one guy who pulled it off with jungle maps its not released yet but he did it with two maps and it works perfect. ill have a chat with him and ask him to give you some advice. its a good and fine balance. and looks epic,
  9. new map with less lag would work. this is over the amount of trees there is, need to find a fine balance to make it work. Edit, sry if i sound bit harsh, this mod is epic but the maps are to lagy, people what to play arma with very high graphics, its not possible with the maps at this time. it will work you guys need to find the blance to make it work, hope you guys all the best,
  10. Yes im sure Pac and the team will love this stuff, the engine starting is wonderfull. gives that bit of realism.
  11. yep your mod is epic love the work!
  12. have you guys seen this CrusaderMkII tank? its arma 1 but still workings ingame. all you need is the rights to use it and boom!! new tank! and there is a PzIII, link! http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=1038 edit also this German pak40 also igame. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=744 I know you have these type of armors ingame already, Kingtiger http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=660 WW2 Pack http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=825
  13. baz44331

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    great work guys keep it up. cant wait for this mod now: )