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  1. That link to get a download of XEH requires a login and password. Please provide another link or the needed info.
  2. Thanks, by the way, for this mod. Does this work on just your own squad AI or does it work for all squads, enemy too?
  3. ray6751

    Your top 5 non-BIS games of all time

    Top Five: 1> My own design (sig below) 2> Harpoon 3> Silent Hunter all versions 4> Pirates of the Carribean 5> Armed Assault all versions
  4. ray6751

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Hi I bought and installed OP Arrowhead and when it got to the activation it asked for the serial key. I typed in the install key, since I could find no reference to serial key. No good. This is a store-bought disk rather than a download. What does serial key refer to and where is it??