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  1. PWS is working again with A2 mods, awesome news!
  2. Rollback is solved just type Arma3Legacy148 to Steam beta tab. And this seems to be problem in Iron Front mod too. huoh.
  3. Yes, are you sure we are speaking same All in Arma mod, I am Original AiA and are you AiA Standalone? My problem is that i cant use anymore FDF mod from Arma 2 , works "fine" in original but wont in AiA Standalone.
  4. Since Arma3 1.50 update All In Arma (AiA) does not work at all. It stucks to Arma III loading screen.. Does anybody know how to rollback to 1.48?
  5. Hi, everything is working like a charm with ALiVE, but Bornholm wont. Is there some optimization work going on?
  6. grandracer

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I can confirm that bornholm addon will conflict with ALiVE,. huge performance lag. Edit: Bornholm + ALiVE from pws