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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Sorry if this is already requested, as looking through all 32 pages on a smartphone is frankly painful.So here goes: IPSC target, popper, etc. Basically every target, marker, and obstacle you need to run a IPSC match in game. Since Arma3 infantry movement is no longer laggy as hell, it is entirely possible to pull a shooting competition. (^^)v
  2. BadShinnyPlayer

    INKO Disposable

    I believe neither NLAW nor AT4 are factory-reloadable. The stress of firing the weapon will cause the tube to be unusable again.
  3. BadShinnyPlayer

    FSM Support Systems

    Love your script! Just one little thing, could you please add support for real artillery with custom amount of gun please? Thank you very much!!
  4. BadShinnyPlayer

    FSM Support Systems

    How do you use pre-placed Arty unit?
  5. BadShinnyPlayer

    Knife in ArmA 2 ?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4_IYn4QBAxo#t=78s just for LULZ but seriously bayonet would improve the crappy CQB in arma2, and CQB is the reason I'm not seriously playing ArmA2 but America's Army...
  6. underslung grenade launcher's ammo is in secondary pouch
  7. Ya, it does actually matter IMHO. Since it frees a slot from the main inventory. for example: assume normal combat load for rifleman is: 7 30rnd STANAG mag, 3 Frags, 1 white smoke. There is 12 slot in main inventory w/o slot in gun: 7 magazines will take up 7 slots, while the grenade will take up total of 4 slots. Thus leaves only 1 slot free. w/ slot in gun: 7 magaziness will only take up 6 slots (as one in magazine is on the rifle), while the grenades will take up 4 slots (as usual), which leaves 2 slots free (making it available to IR beacon or smoke of other color (for marking landing zone)or a beta C-mag(which uses 2 slots I think). Thus, the extra slot does matter!
  8. Is it possible to have one magazine slot on the weapon itself? cause when a weapon has a magazine loaded, it shouldn't take up a slot in the inventory, since its in the weapon.
  9. -How to activate laser and/or laser mounted on rifle -How to change javelin to top attack mode