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  1. Arska134

    Random not working

    Now it's not giving any of those hints. ; Antaa luvun 0-4 ; _luku = round(random 4) ? (_luku == 0) : _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde1, 0];hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde1" ? (_luku == 1) : _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde2, 0];hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde2" ? (_luku == 2) : _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde3, 0];hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde3" ? (_luku == 3) : _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde4, 0];hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde4" ? (_luku == 4) : _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde5, 0];hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde5" ---------- Post added at 07:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:05 PM ---------- Thanks it's now working. :)
  2. Arska134

    Random not working

    Still not working. :/
  3. Arska134

    Random not working

    yup. It's sqs, but with 'then', not work neither.
  4. Ok so i encountered this problem. Here is script: ;Antaa luvun 0-4 _luku = round(random 4) if (_luku = 0) { _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde1, 0] hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde1" } if (_luku = 1) { _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde2, 0] hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde2" } if (_luku = 2) { _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde3, 0] hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde3" } if (_luku = 3) { _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde4, 0] hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde4" } if (_luku = 4) { _wp = _group addWaypoint [position kohde5, 0] hint "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde5" } ...and always it's outputting what is inside of last 'if'. "Joukko lähtee suuntaan kohde5"
  5. Arska134

    Defend, Attack, Capture at Everon West mission

    So this project is pretty much dead so i release project files for everyone, so someone can continue my work. I put some information to README.txt. If you start editing this mission and you need help, add me on Steam. My account is Arska134. Download link: http://fsj.viuhka.fi/DAC_project.7z I will continue mission making in ArmA 2 side.
  6. Arska134

    Defend, Attack, Capture at Everon West mission

    Oh sorry. im2clan.com is down forever. So here is new link. Still waiting feedback. :D Mirrors: Finnish Special Jaegers http://up.servut.us/28929 2shared Edit: Added more mirrors so mission can be available all the time.
  7. Arska134

    Hacking is getting worse

    I found this inside of: *ip*/profiles/users/system/ARMA2PROFILE.ArmA2Profile activeKeys[]= { [b]"BIS_IAmBeingNaughty1",[/b] "BIS_SOM_INFO_HINT_1", "BIS_SOM_INFO_HINT_2" }; It was inside of my server files. Just a joke or it's message from that hacker who was ruining my server?
  8. Arska134

    Hacking is getting worse

    Yup we got one too today. First he taked form of enemy scout and killed everyone god mode on. Can't ban. When i kicked him he came back and logged me off from admin and banned me. We had to close server. Please help.
  9. I tried gamemaster.utes mission but when i used action "Start RTE" nothing happened. And there is also "Status: Inactive" in RTE Capture window. What should i do to change it to active?
  10. I think these questions is asked already, but i can't find them. 1. I got RTEditor working on singleplayer editor, but when i create multiplayer server and press esc there is now button to start RTEditor. RTEditor capture says "Status: Inactive". 2. Is it possible to make missions with friends same time? I mean to save them like in normal editor. (or is there better tool for this?) We need to start mission project and that would be nice if we can do it same time. I hope i get this working in multiplayer because this seems to be nice tool to train squad members. ;)
  11. Squad name - Finnish Special Jaegers (FSJ) Timezone/location - Finland (only finnish members) Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - Coop and PvP Contact email - Ari_salonen@hotmail.com Website address - http://fsj.viuhka.fi/
  12. New Finnish ArmA 2 squad is recruiting more members. We decided to create new squad because there is very few squads from Finland. We are only recruiting players from Finland so if you are not from Finland this will probably not interest you. Squad has been planned for six months now and now we finally made it week ago. Our squad members are now 16-25 years old. Unlike other finnish squads we take less than 18 years old players. We have also game server at London. Our server is public for everyone 24/7 (if there is no squad only game running). We are not playing Operation Arrowhead because we are waiting release of Finnish Defense Forces mod. Interested? Visit our website and leave joining application to out forums. http://fsj.viuhka.fi/ Website squad list is not ready yet and some of our members classes is not decided. More frequently updated list of members can be found here: http://fsj.viuhka.fi/squad/squad.xml Before that you need to read our Joining criteria at: http://fsj.viuhka.fi/join.html Also you can visit our server: (Finnish Special Jaegers ArmA 2 Server 12 slots) If you want support our game server and squad, please make donation with paypal. Press donate button in our website index page.
  13. I just bought server from UKgame and i got it up and running but there comes two players killing everyone and being idiot all the time. Tried to ban them in admin panel and kicked out but they come back all the time. When i kick them they come back again. I installed battle-eye and everything but no clue. Please help. Those players are ruining my server what i paid for. :(
  14. Arska134

    Cannot load texture problem

    omg thanks. It was that easy. :butbut: Thank you. :D