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  1. Kingsmurfy

    Mod/ Addon Idea Bayonets

    The British military used the bayonet in combat during the Falklands War of 82, 2003 Gulf War and have fixed bayonets in Afghanistan (Although not sure if any confirmed kills with it). I guess the main issue is how to get the animation and binding to a key working. It should be something quick, not something attached to a menu.
  2. Kingsmurfy

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Not the only one, I'd prefer it if you could only take the uniform if it was undamaged (Say you killed someone without using a gun, or for more realism, without using a knife).
  3. Kingsmurfy

    I see arma2 everywhere

    They stole Bohemia's fences? That's a low... ;)
  4. Kingsmurfy

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    http://defensetech.org/2011/09/08/what-are-these-nvgs/ Things like those NVGs which have data streamed to them are already being produced, SF guys will be getting them soon if not already. Also, like mentioned in that article, cameras mounted onto weapons could be used by soldiers to look around corners and they see through their goggles. Now eventually, helmets are probably going to be equipped with flip-down screens for data like this so I'm wondering, what are we likely to expect in Arma 3? Personally I can see these going into the future being commonplace, so perhaps the Dev's can see a use for them in-game? CornerShot - Weapon mounted cameras which screen stuff back to a hand-held device or helmet mounted screen. Compact Radio Integration - Compact but powerful radios. Perhaps integration for commanders so on a Tactical Command screen they could see who was speaking and where they are? Triangulation could perhaps provide locations of transmitting units? Aussie Diggers getting silk clothing to stop shrapnel / Blast Shorts - In the future imagine this being expanded with better materials and covering more parts of the body not being protected by armour? I'm not saying it would be bullet proof, but it's a step in the right direction and potentially could be used to reduce impact? Land Warrior (USA) - If you check the sources, lots of the original equipment was dumped by soldiers because of weight. Now that's going to significantly reduce within the coming years so when Arma 3 is released, perhaps a system close to the original if not better would be standardised? Things like the marking of enemy positions I remember reading was something soldiers kept, so the people who needed to know like Machine gunners, knew where enemy had been spotted. Which brings me onto the GPS/Map. Why not have that in some integrated system? Especially the mini-version that we RCTRL-M at the moment? Seeing markings on there would be a huge benefit (Don't believe you can on mini-map at the moment, need to go to main map to see them). That way a commander could tell a squad to move to a certain location and one of the squad could have his mini map open showing him the marker. Could be used to identify enemy firing positions etc also. I don't know how much of this would be possible to implement into the game or will already exist but since this is a thread designed for the Devs to look at, I figured I'd go a little crazy with the ideas :)
  5. Kingsmurfy

    ArmA 3 Editor

    Well positioning units in 3D will give us some great abilities. Setting up ambushes in urban areas with AI will be fantastic! Also seeing the area for an IED etc will be awesome. The 2D though would be faster when creating your missions, then fine-tuning stuff with the 3D would be great for that extra detail. Also, If it's going to be like the editor is now, will we get some sort of live 3d preview without having to load it up then like we do now? I'm thinking since it's already in 3d, then surely pressing preview isn't necessary any more. RTE's got some sort of rewind feature if I remember correctly, so if it's possible in A2 then would that be good in A3? I honestly don't know if it would be better to actually have a preview button like we do now or just viewing it in the same 3d editor. On top of that, what about a real time editor? I got a feeling this wouldn't be included in A3, but would sure be nice since VBS had it back on the old engine.
  6. Kingsmurfy

    They better have female soldiers...

    Thinking about it, we should get a US Coast Guard faction. That way we can have women in there and some Baywatch action.
  7. Kingsmurfy

    ArmA 3 Editor

    I hope the 2D Editor is still there. It's nice having a top-down view on the map.
  8. Kingsmurfy

    Human and AI should move at same speed

    I've shot many a soldier for a broken ankle...
  9. Kingsmurfy

    Navy vs. Army

    I thought you wasn't meant to shamelessly advertise or go off-topic? :D
  10. Kingsmurfy

    They better have female soldiers...

    Anything which increases the scenery gets a thumbs up from me.
  11. Kingsmurfy

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Sorry, I was hoping to find out more the future of VBS after the news but oh well.
  12. I did search but couldn't find anything relating to this, although I may just be using the wrong keywords. What I'm looking for is being able to create menus within the radio menu. How usually you go to Radio and then you have; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie... Is it possible to have perhaps the following layout? Radio>Air>Alpha, Bravo Radio>Sea>Alpha, Bravo Radio>Land>Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta My thinking being not only does it divide up the units (in this case, my reinforcements), but also allows for more than just 9 or so radio commands. Any idea if it can be done?
  13. Kingsmurfy

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    So what do you think will happen now that CryEngine is also being used for the military?
  14. Kingsmurfy

    Monthly Updates?

    If only I could get my hands on some. Either way, I like the idea of updates like that, a progress report. I'd personally enjoy reading them. I'm not demanding btw, it's just a suggestion, that's all.
  15. Kingsmurfy

    Monthly Updates?

    I'd like to see a monthly update from the Dev Team if possible, not giving away too much but stating what they have worked on, what they are planning for next, things they are experimenting with? Perhaps include pies pics every so often for the community to nibble at?