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  1. Anyone know a working link for this? edit: got it from devheaven
  2. I have problems pitching forwards on the main rotor with my control pad leaving me only able to move forward with the mouse... Problems being that it won't pitch forwards ( but will pitch backwards). Manual trim corrects the torque effect from the main rotors if set to the right angle. Engage it when you are travelling forwards at your desired speed.
  3. eddie247

    Got game crash? Do this

    The crash to desktop may be your graphics card driver failing and it may / may not restart properly afterwards so you might have to completely restart your computer for it to reset. This happened to me for a while with a GTX 285 until i realised my GPU overclock was too high and shortly after the game started running in game in full 3D mode the driver would fail and I would be stuck in the desktop without control until I pressed escape and windowed etc so I have since stopped overclocking and I don't get this problem anymore (my card was underclocked at manufacture as its the 2GB version). I have a custom cooler that runs at 100% and the GPU temp rarely goes over 50C so heat is not the issue for me. I think the fermi based Nvidia GPU driver resets properly after failing, without the need for a full reboot, but earlier series GPU (200's and earlier) doesn't even though it says it does in an error message near the clock in desktop. Guaranteed way to tell whether your your card is working properly or not is to monitor the hardware frequencies on GPU monitoring software like MSI afterburner or everest. Arma 2 is the stability benchmark I use for overclocking. It'll BSOD in no time if the OC settings are very bad or just crash if they are a little way out. Then I bust out BC2 and take things from there.
  4. eddie247

    Arma 3 engine

    There arent ANY maps in Frostbite2 that are 1x1km. There arent any AI in it either or planes, boats, editing facilites, mods allowed, no climbing into vehicle animations. The 40mm grenades are OP. Blowing holes in 2 layer thick brick walls, i think not! Frostbite 2? I say Frostbite POO!! :yay::yay: Battlefield is Battlefield. End of.
  5. The abrams and the t90 don't sound the same. Abrams : T90 : My suggestion is not to use exactly the same sound for the 2 different vehicles. Especially as they belong to different factions.
  6. Pls record different sounds for equivalent vehicles on each sides so you dont think a friendly vehicle is coming then get lit up by enemy!! :-( Example: Vanilla T90 and Abrams sound the same I use the XRSM sound mod. A mixture of elias, jsrs, trsm and vops sound mods compiled by the XR ppls. I use it mainly for the vehicle sounds such as hummer and stryker. Also the tanks have different and pretty nice sounds. The XR download sections is down atm so i can 't post a link...
  7. I would like to see a non-lethal force and a restraint system added to Arma 3. Weapons such as:- beanbag shotguns pepper spray taser And restraints such as :- handcuffs plastic zip ties rope/tape gag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI4IQAxJsFE&playnext=1&list=PLE239E52BC50B698A
  8. eddie247

    Non Lethal Force and Restraint System

    I would also like to see the flashbang implemented correctly. In order to do this there would need to be a rework of the throwing and or cover systems to allow players to throw the nades around corners. This could be done possibly with the lean buttons when a grenade is equipped. How that would work to throw into a window above you idk but it would work for throwing into spaces either side of your cover. Making the grenade launch angle straight from the shoulder unless they are leaning backwards would involve more advanced animation than is current in Arma2. That being said though we know there are changes to be expected in this area so we have to wait and see what the new animations are like. :cool:
  9. eddie247

    Non Lethal Force and Restraint System

    Lol 20 bullets to the leg and it probably wouldnt be there anymore. Realism like that is missing from most if not all modern fps / milsims. Roll it on. Weapon repair kit would be an interesting addition (for hardcore mode maybe? or as a module) Shooting a weapon from someones hand would be FTW!! And I totally agree at the weapons acting like body armour. V annoying and amusing at times of boredom (i.e. trying to shoot your teammates weapon without killing them ;))
  10. eddie247

    Non Lethal Force and Restraint System

    I like the dropping gear idea once the enemy has reached a detained/surrendered state. Also I like the idea that with lower skill level they would divulge information about their allies whereabouts given brief questioning using the already existing interaction menu. If the enemy had a "surrender" ability determined by how many enemies he has detected around him making him drop his weapons and put his hands up ("hands up" being an already exisiting animation in arma 2, pls put this in 3 also ;)) this would definately develop the idea further. Beanbag shotguns are a suggestion for a ranged stun weapon, like the stun pistol in Zargabad Life etc. missions. A weapon to outright stun/blind and or knock the target to the ground for a pre determined amount of time based on skill level is something that could be added. @MissionCreep I think the soccer idea is ridiculous ;) however some form of dance mat type activities using some new dance move animations like previous Arma2 dancing would be fabulous and a wonderful group activity in a warzone.
  11. eddie247

    ARMA 3 needs a DevHeaven

    LOLZ Are these youtube clips vetted ? Mine hasnt appeared
  12. eddie247

    Non Lethal Force and Restraint System

    Yes lol, I played it a little and liked the effects. The pepperspray paintball gun :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha66OZaf3ro&playnext=1&list=PLC362CBB4A64336D1 The aim of the game is to get points and you only get 1 for a kill but 5 for a capture. In Zargabad life the cops get stun guns and can arrest and imprison people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBv4cPjIp9g
  13. eddie247

    Stealth Kills?

    I'm all for stealth kills. I wouldn't say the knife is the most efficient way of doing it but I would like to see a stealth melee attack. Also something like a garotte (cheese wire), and or a neck break (possibly skill induced/escapable by tapping a button or a particluar combo of keystrokes to apply sufficient force/escape).
  14. eddie247

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    The game has been announced at http://www.opengamersunited.net/ in this thread http://www.opengamersunited.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=697&p=3163#p3163
  15. eddie247

    SimCopter anyone?

    In the timeless words of the guy from the streets of simcity country radio channel we are but a splatter (splatter, splatter) on the windshield of the wagon... lmfao Simcopter was great until you couldnt complete a mission then it stayed glitched on the map forever. :(
  16. I see this episode as a last stand type of combat so realism like soldier is shot then goes home to recover would not be an option. That being said, ironing out the current medic glitches like in insurgency where healing fails and you pretty much have to rejoin the server, and adding a little more complexity to the injury system with possible addition of defribulator and heart/blood monitoring and blood transfusion if neccesary would add a little more skill and interest to the medic role. Is there currently no simulation of body armour in the chest? Mb i'm thinking of another fps which in noob mode takes about 5 shots of 7.62 in the chest to kill someone, however frustrating it can be is probably more realistic than many other games however i struggle to believe than 2 shots of the same ammo does not dismember a limb or render it completely incapacitated. Total limb dismemberment is not something I would put a priority on (albeit adding to RL factor) but the ability to disable a limb would nicer and especially if it reduced the speed of say reloading afterwards as the soldier could only use one arm. I guess i would like to see injuries affect stamina/ balance as well much like it does in ACE. Will keep watching this space though, looking forward to many marine assaults, walking out of the water to slit enemy patrolmens throats and james bond style underwater harpoon gun fights LOLLOLOLOLOL
  17. eddie247

    No DX11?

  18. eddie247

    Can´t play online..

    Yellow servers are not always unplayable. It may be yellow as the server is running the beta version of the game and those servers are mostly accesible by anyone with a standard version of the game.
  19. eddie247

    Warfare Benny Edition ZGM

    opfor medic in cherno has skill level 7300 / 100!!
  20. eddie247

    Warfare Benny Edition ZGM

    Quote from hotshots homepage This package tries to rebalance equipment between the two factions. Mainly, it contains thermal vision for OPFOR vehicles and rifles. Furthermore, I added weapon zeroing from OA for weapons that didn't have it; that affects both sides. Rifles and equip containing TWS now: AKS74 GOSHAWK, FNFAL ANPVS4, PKP, SVD, KSVK, VSS VINTOREZ, Binocular, Laserdesignator, Vector... Vehicles containing FLIR now: BMP3, BTR90, T90, BRDM, LAV25, MI24, KA52, AH1Z NEW: some air vehicles were missing the "lock"-sound, causing to be shot down without any notice and chance to defend. This has (hopefully) been changed. NEW: If players want still to have grass enabled, they can, as there is a file included (gdtmod_grass) that will just trim the grass... In addition, there are some files that upgrade UI. Basically they do what their name says. You can delete them, if you dislike them: SolidBackgroundForChat.pbo SolidBackgroundForChatInputDialog.pbo ImprovedExtCameraPositionForTanks.pbo DisableCenterHandIcon.pbo trueuser_skybox_bluer.pbo trueuser_nvgs.pbo trueuser_igui_gunhud_bigtext_bottom.pbo trueuser_igui_gps_top.pbo trueuser_igui_commandbar.pbo trueuser_fov.pbo Credits go to RG, Wraith, KJU, TGW and GLT... DOWNLOAD: YOMA AUTO CONFIG URL: http://xrserver.com/repo/XROA.7z DOWNLOAD DATABASE: http://xrserver.com > ARMA 2 > ADDONS > GRAPHICAL MODS
  21. I don't think this helps alot but fixing it may get somewhere nearer.
  22. This may be related http://dev-heaven.net/issues/18064
  23. eddie247

    Warfare Benny Edition ZGM

    with some armatherapy! Hey zero did you enable aircraft autoflare somehow or is that a BIS feature? I am trying to get to the cause of this problem here... http://dev-heaven.net/issues/17821
  24. Its a mission worth undertaking if you ask me, but i'd rather not do it!