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  1. hey guys i was wondering how to use my mobile as a cheap track ir to play ARMA 3 i know its possible to do this with a webcam and apparently spose to be quite effective heres a link if you click gallery you can see a video in arma 3 doing just that http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm but has anyone had any experience using a there mobile or (galaxy S4) as a webcam ? if so how did you set it it up for gaming ? this does seem a really good idea as an alternative if you cant afford the luxury of trackir at silly money your thoughts and suggestions please or if you know of another alternative to trackir please do tell
  2. SASsnipey

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    krix use a galaxy s4 stay away from ifail ;-) just kidding but yeh agree ive tried everything possible to no avail but looks like things are looking up with the devs stating they are making this issue there No1 priority its paramount they keep there folk happy and i think they will but need to hurry it but like you im sure light will arrive for us soon :)
  3. Awesome another thread about crashes we will be heard more the merrier ;-) I think bi are on the case now well hopefully
  4. ahh ok thanks guys i sat there rattlin me brain trying to work out what he ment :)
  5. SASsnipey

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    troll alert :/ must be frankHH second account or the BI forum police :-) things ive stated are valid points from the experience ive encountered so have others alike but thanks for your express interest krix
  6. SASsnipey

    Responsible Game Development

    i said more or less omg internet gaming brings out the best in people shhheeeeeesh :/ or trolls
  7. SASsnipey

    Responsible Game Development

    here ya go frankHH http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165783-Arma-3-Returning-to-Beta you more or less state the game is perfect also i love all these multiple threads its great the more threads there are of the same topic are being made the better as it shows the scale of peoples frustration
  8. SASsnipey

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    the OLUT server crashes aswell in dev build so back to normal mode for me
  9. is that a cryptic question to decode ? could you explain or someone translate please.
  10. SASsnipey

    Responsible Game Development

    vreddesbyrd ((((QUOTE Why exactly are you lurking around this area of the forum? - Especially when, as you say, you are having absolutely no problems with ARMA 3? )))) exactly what i said to him here >> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165783-Arma-3-Returning-to-Beta/page2 so i go with A the troll as im not sure what 42 means lol i like seeing lots of new threads made on this issue more the better perhaps BI will wake up and see the sheer volume of frustration in paying customers
  11. SASsnipey

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    what i dont understand is why some people come into troubleshooting forums and say they have never a problem with the game ?? so why do they contribute in the troubleshooting area in the first place to say how perfect the game is ?? strange beings #pointless
  12. SASsnipey

    Arma 3 Returning to Beta

    well you go and enjoy your faultless ARAM3 game and let the other 99% continue complaining about the evident issues speaking of which if your having no problems with ARMA why are you even contributing to the troubleshooting forums ?? strange i think your the one that has the content issues whilst everyone one else wants a stable game i dont consider myself a pro programmer but the DEVS are so they should be fixing it but they havnt even spoke on the issue as far as im aware so we are all left in the dark wondering if its to be sorted anytime soon oh look ARMA 3 has stopped working as i type this message aswell
  13. SASsnipey

    Arma 3 Returning to Beta

    frankHH i think ur alittle clueless or abit wet behind the ears let me fill you in here me old china if you havnt of guessed there is a major flaw SINCE the last big update EVERYONE i mean EVERYONE has been crashing losing connection and at time the whole server is wiped clean of player in a heartbeat bar mabe 4 player if your lucky BECAUSE crappy update 1 exploding vehicles i experienced 2 crashing when driving over dead bodies (reported by other players) 3 crashes randomly every 10-30 mins 4 issues with everyones Physx and the constant errors 5 ALL HAPPENED SINCE THIS LATEST UPDATE so please dont go telling everyone its all good with no problems as its far from good as far as im concerned and i think i speak for most here we DONT CARE about new content untill these issues have been addressed we need BI to wake up and resolve simple as!!
  14. SASsnipey

    Constant CTD ARMA3

    i play sa-matra wasteland on INCH server UK3 and UK4 and its crashing all the time everyone is dropping like flies ive gone to right click MY COMPUTER then MANAGE / EVENT VIEWER / WINDOWS LOGS / DOUBLE CLICK APPLICATION- then it say that all errors that are ARMA3 are physx3_x86.dll related