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  1. Gihzmo here, I am 33, played Arma 2 OA for a few years, and now I have put about 700 hours into Arma 3. I am in US eastern -5 UTC. I am usually on most nights after 8:00 PM, some nights earlier, weekends can be completely free or not free until late evening. I am looking for a good solid milsim/tactical realism group. I am not interested in the military realism groups that want to take everything out of the game, however in game I prefer full milsim. Not to say I do not mind joking around and having a good time, but as I told someone else, I play Arma for the same reason I play D&D and Pathfinder, I want to role play. I am also looking for a decent size group, not meaning 70+ person games. But have a few fire teams along with pilots and vehicle support is what makes the game fun, and I would like get back into those kind of organized structured operations. As far as my background, I played Arma 2 OA for several years with the 7th Cavalry and led one of the helicopter squads. However recently I have been more focused on the infantry game, so I could go both ways. Mods are not an issue. I would hope groups will be using TFAR or ACRE. Anywho, please drop me a line with some info. Thanks!
  2. gihzmo

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    I believe the Cyrus and the MAR-10 are supposed to be comparable weapons for CSAT and NATO respectively, correct? It seems like the Cyrus is a superior weapon in EVERY WAY. It is lighter, it has more stopping power, it fires faster. Was this done for balancing against the other weapons in the CSAT kit? I feels almost like the MAR-10 was held back to make the Cyrus be a better weapon. I could be missing something though. Keep in mind, I was testing in the worst case scenario, Heavy plate carrier, shooting center mass. The Cyrus did not always take the target down in one shot, but it did feel like I could take a target down in one, depending on where the round landed. The MAR-10 did not seem to have the same stopping power. I guess it comes down to the fact that the Cyrus is firing a bigger round, but why is it so much lighter?
  3. Is there no wounding or medical script in the latest version? It would be really great to have A3 wounding built into the map.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I am not a big scripter so I am still learning things. Can I add (myCuratorLogic addCuratorEditableObjects [[frank]];) to the init line of a player slot object? Or do I need to do that somewhere else? Is there a line I can add to the init line to add a player slot as an object Zeus can see?
  5. I have a feeling that the CQB might be my issue. I have it turned up pretty high, and occupying the entire map. I will scale that back first and see if it has an effect.
  6. I am having some issues with Alive doing what I would like. I have a feeling I am doing something wrong... but I am not sure. What I want to have is an area about 3kx3k for BluFor and the main base, then the rest of the map dedicated to OpFor. I am basically following the basic setup on your wiki. I have also set it to ignore small and medium locations and objectives. However when I get the map up, it loads incredibly slow. So slowly in fact that sometimes the only way I can get into the map is by killing my Arma client and reconnecting. I have tried this on both a dedicated server host as well as a VPS and I get the same result. On the server I have AGM, Alive, CBAA3, ASDG_Attachments,ASDG_JR, Massi's gun pack and the audio fix. I also have the shacktac hud and speed of sound running locally. The mission is an MCC mission that has been modified to include the Alive modules and AGM modules. When I load just MCC and the other mods, it runs perfectly. I do not know if I am trying to do too much with Alive or if I am missing something. Does anyone have a more up to date insurgency map running on Altis with the latest version of Alive? Even the old Insurgency map from your page I have some issues with. I went in and cleaned up the modules and added a couple vehicles and I ma getting the same slow behavior. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. gihzmo

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I can try it with this, and I am sure that it will work, but as my original post indicated it is a conflict between AGM and Alive. It was noted in the link I provided. It looked like you guys might have had a fix and knew about the issue.
  8. One other thing to note, it would be great if there was a simple graphical indication that you have rested your weapon.
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. I assume by next release you do not mean 9.1.1, I just tried it and it seems to be the same.
  10. gihzmo

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Thank you for replying so quickly. I did not have respawnbutton set to 0, it was not set at all in the description file. So I added respawnbutton = 1; to the file and I am still not getting the respawn button on unconsciousness.
  11. GREAT mod. I am enjoying the medical system more than just about anything else I have used. It is deep, but simple to access to to learn, plus it gives you all the information quickly. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into it. I do have a couple questions. When do you anticipate a fix for the weapon sway issue when resting a weapon? We are planning to switch from AGM to CSE because of some issues we are having with Alive plus I like the CSE medical system more. AGM is a great mod, but I am enjoying the depth of CSE. Also, it seems like as a medic I am unable to give myself blood or use the Personal Aid Kit. This seems like a pretty big issue since most of the time we only ever have one medic. Is this a configuration issue on my end, is it intentional, or is it a bug? Thanks!
  12. gihzmo

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I am not sure where the problem is, but I am starting here as you guys had something on Github about it (https://github.com/KoffeinFlummi/AGM/issues/708) I am having an issue with my mission where the respawn button is grayed out. I am not sure if this is by design or not, but it is exactly like the problem mentioned in the github issue. This basically causes someone to have to wait, or abort out of the game and come back in to be able to revive. Should they not be able to respawn when they are put into the unconscious state? If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  13. gihzmo

    TMN Defense Budget System

    Awesome, got it in and it works perfectly. Thanks for all your help.
  14. gihzmo

    TMN Defense Budget System

    Woo! fantastic, again thank you for the quick reply. Any suggestion on adding new vehicles to your script?
  15. gihzmo

    TMN Defense Budget System

    So I have a couple other questions for you. We were able to get everything to work within MCC, we could place a suitcase and add the init line: _this addAction ["Collect Money", {B_Defensebudget= (B_Defensebudget+100000); publicVariable "B_Defensebudget"; hint "You have collected a monetary reward!";}]; The only issue we had with that, is we are trying to figure out a way for the suitcase to disappear after the money has been collected. Do you have any suggestions on this? Also, I was trying to figure out how to add additional vehicles to your economy script and I could not seem to get it to work correctly. We wanted to add the AH-1Z, the blackhawk and the CH-47 from the US Helicopters pack. It seems like when I copied your lines you have in your script and modified the class name and variables it did not show up as an item. Any help would be appreciated. The script is fantastic and I cannot wait to use it our operations.