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  1. The Editor? OK I'll check it out, thanks. One question though, how come the 'turn left/right' control instead or turning banks most of the times?
  2. Hey all, I've got here a Logitech Rumblepad II, but while it is recognized by the game, there is no scheme for it, so I have no idea how to configure it to fly helicopters etc. I tried a few different settings, but I am really having a hard time flying the helicopter at boot camp so I must be setting something wrong. Does anybody have an optimal scheme for it? Or a scheme for a similar pad please? It's almost identical to the Playstation pad.
  3. pwnzie

    Mouse Sensitivity

    Wow, then yes there must be something wrong. BTW I have a DeathAdder, maybe its driver has some problems when running with ArmA2. Hmm I remove the startup tray app that always runs but then mouse won't work well on Win7 for some unknown reason. I will check the profile.cfg, thanks. edit: ahh thank you man that did it, changed it from 0.2 to 0.05, now it's fine. BTW the files to edit are named something like: yourprofilename.ArmA2OAProfile
  4. Hi all, even with the lowest X,Y,Smoothing settings the mouse is still very fast. I'm used to much slower mouse (lower sensibility) and it's a bit of a problem to aim for me. I can aim, but it isn't comfortable. Note that I'm not having mouse lag issues or anything and I have already tweaked graphic settings. I don't have this problem in other games and in Windows sensitivity is just right. Is there any variable in the configuration files that permits to lower the sensitivity even more than the in game menu?
  5. pwnzie

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Hi guys, so I bought ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead in DVD. At the moment I only installed ArmA2 and I did NOT update it yet. Since I'd like to combine them, do I have to first update ArmA2 and then install OA and update it, or simply install OA (without updating ArmA2) and then update only OA? How exactly is the process? Note that I intend to install them in the same folder and I'd like to play the single player campaign first (of both). Thanks EDIT: Nevermind I figured it out. First install ArmA2, then OA in the same folder. You should already have a Combined Operation shortcut made automatically by the installer in either the desktop or the all programs folder. Then update ArmA2 and after that update OA. Not sure if the updating order makes any difference.
  6. pwnzie

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Thanks for replying. Aw that's unfortunate cause I specifically wanted the combined package as it seems more practical. Guess I'll have to buy the two games separately then.
  7. pwnzie

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Hi all, do you know a store in Europe where I can order the DVDs for Combined Operations? Or it isn't out as DVD yet? I couldn't find it anywhere. Only game and expansion separately.