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  1. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    British OverHaul Mod ---- Recruiting.

    I'm 29. I am a lazy typer. Cant expect things like the clap of your hands. Time is essential for this mod keep hating son. In Other News Regarding the Mod a new Video reveal Trailer is in (WIP) But i must prepare for my work now so i will see you all sometime in 4 weeks. Once my Mod Goes Beta Version I will Destroy you. THATS A BIG PROMISE. BOM WILL BE KNOWN ALL THIS TALK IS USELESS YOU MUST NOW GIVE IT TIME.
  2. KFHx6d7ZPO0 I think this answers the question so good luck on your new pc i hope you do pick this one as it is a nice build :). As you can see this guy has exactly the same build as you are after and it looks superb :D. ---------- Post added at 07:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:59 PM ---------- Yep i had an 286 With a printer got it for Christmas it cost around $1700.
  3. Yes Medium Settings Easy and correct me if im wrong you could always upgrade anyway if you feel you need to ? This will be fine having had over 20 years of PC Self Experience i can say go for it that system is fine just make sure the system is upgradeable for future developments.... KFHx6d7ZPO0 w4MdSshnRVI
  4. Not Really your just going to get Massive Heating Problems. Terrible Noise And Terrible Lag. On the other hand i just bought a 5870 XFX 1GB OC. Possibly Medium Not High. Get a 5870 and jobs a good IN + Expect to play at Max settings.
  5. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    Some people like controllers not everyone wants to sit and stare at their screen for 6 hours.
  6. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

  7. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    ATP Videos Thread For Arma 2 And Arma 2 OA.

    Thank you the front page is now updated i would rather have my own thread seen as ATP is an actual business and is payed for yearly to be a business on youtube :). And yes i pay Tax for this so it would be nice if you could subscribe :) just asking never hurts. More Videos to come today another featuring the Takistan Army this time im being lead by the AI we where intercepting the USA which had small forces but better Load Outs. Over all this battle was very fun i also had a ride in the BTR 60 which was great.
  8. Why is it so bloody hard to combine 2 games can the devs not make a single exe to join them this is pissing me off.
  9. MYvjVj4h-G8&hd More To Follow Please Enjoy A Full Selection OF HD Videos Uploaded Weekly. All videos are Done in 720P HD. Will Update Every Time New Videos Are Uploaded 3 More Videos To follow Today over 30+ Minutes of Gameplay :).
  10. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    Spritz Island 1.1 released

    Thank you this is the main problem why people like myself are fucking pissed off with modders releasing shit and not stating that you need ARMA 2 to operate the actual MOD so here is me pissing around like a complete wanker thinking i did something wrong thanks mate will install arma. :D
  11. ATP Arma 2 OA Fan

    Stealths Graphics Mod Work In Progress.

    Truthfully what is the real difference here and great work stealth good job mate >?