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  1. snafu2

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

  2. snafu2

    Isla Duala - Co30 Combat Air-Assault

    Thanks for the mission, but the rar file is empty :eek: :)
  3. The video was showing the base HQ
  4. Version 1.14 Mission was: "A treat will give Information, find him and kill him" Location was 500 m SW of Sagram
  5. love your mission, but we had to restart it several times because of fleeing subjects which are hard to find etc. could you maybe add a "skip mission option" in a future version?
  6. snafu2

    [SP] Operation Clean Air 1.00

    Watch your speed and turns, shouldn´t be to difficult with a little practice.
  7. snafu2

    [SP] Operation Clean Air 1.00

    Mission was updated: u. a. USS Nimitz added ( Kuznetsov CV deleted)
  8. I like the new explosives system, but now, it doesn´s work anymore to blow things up, which can only be damaged by simultaneous detonations. I was trying to finish a mission with different explosives for about 2 hours now. If there is a solution please let me know.
  9. You need the CAA1 mod. Easiest way to get it is Yoma Addon Sync. OAC is included, too
  10. How do I get the KA50 working? I´ve got the files, but it keeps telling me "deleted" when trying to play the KA50 mission. Also, the KA50 doesn´t show up in the editor.
  11. Awesome mission pack! I´ve just tried to join your server - already had 4 GB of caa1 installed, but seems like i still need to download about 2 GB. cya later on Sahrani
  12. snafu2

    BWMod server

    try again without @zcommon_ace;@brik and add @acex_ru;@acex_usnavy - forgot to mention that should look like: @acex_ru;@acex_sm;@acex_usnavy;@acre;@jayarma2lib;@bwmod;@ace;@rksl;@amt;@bw-compilation_ace;@bwmod_ace;@bw-compilation;@fdf_podagorsk