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  1. Someone please explain what this mouse driving a lot ppl talk about exactly is. Apparently its even changed/tweakened a little with every new beta atm - but I cant see it and have no clue what it means. The only thing that I notice if driving with beta client is that I notice... nothing? I've been driving since forever using the keyboard and sometimes a joystick for tanks - please start simple and tell me how does one even do "mouse driving"? Do I need some special key bindings for it? What do I have to look for?
  2. Pro: * Apparently brings a lot (still unpatched) security holes of the Arma engine more into the open. And I still hope some would get patched. Eventually. One can dream, no? * Might help Arma to crawl out of its little corner - if you would have asked someone three months ago about Arma the answer would have been "Arma who?" At least now some might answer "Zombies". Something is better than nothing I guess. * Moarr ppl buy Arma -> moarr cash for BE. Contra: * Zombies that might look further & stick around for the real game. And I dont mean the AI zombies in the mod. I mean some of the zombies who play the mod and then suddenly decide to go on exploration and join "normal" Arma multiplayer servers with their zombie attitude behaving like zombies... ;)
  3. The problem is that certain graphiccard/monitor combinations are darker/brighter than others. It's no simple "calibration" issue or something it just is. And always has been - that's what gamma/brightness/color controls are for in the first place. And there are other factors like room illumination or the "human factor", too - luckily we are not all cloned automatons; different ppl perceive stuff differently. It was more obvious a few years ago when most ppl still had CRT (analogous) displays (e.g. certain nividia/philips display combinations were notorious for that) but you still have it with different hardware today. And hey, guess what, there are still ppl with CRT displays out there today. You cant just assume it's ok for everyone because it looks so and so on your rig or on a few that you use to test stuff, whatever. You cant even "show" this to someone using a screenshot/video who is not physically standing right beside you - not a single bit in such shots is different; however what the hardware presents your eyes in the end might be. And frankly I find the assumption that it's a "cheat" if someone for whatever reason wants to adjust gamma/brightness to whatever level he desires/needs preposterous. Certainly not only in Arma...
  4. Who gives a shit about some obscure alpha mod? Nighttime without goggles is unplayable now. We have (or I guess "had" is the correct term now) lots of missions that feature night ops without NVG gear - all of those were perfectly playable yesterday; not easy to spot everything but this was intended. Tested a few today and suddenly I cant see shit anymore at all. Are all such missions supposed to go straight into the trash-bin now? And if you added the pitch black night on purpose solely to counter this dayz gamma/brightness cheating or whatever and ruined "normal" nightops missions along the way then screw you. I hope your own zombies eat you. I mean really.
  5. I am seeing such a logic in a lot missions I've looked into. Not always. But often. It has no init line and from what I can tell it is not referenced in any of the mission sqf scripts or used in any way. It just "is". Why? What is it for? Is there something special about the name or something? Perhaps it is doing something behind the curtains I fail to see?
  6. In editor I place an empty LAV25 and a small team. All units playable and all have a "this movincargo LAV25; this assignascargo LAV25;" in their initline. It works as expected. With a flaw... only for some units: their field of view after the mission starts is not correct; for some of them they appear to be sitting halve-way outside, slightly above the vehicle (I guess its only a "field of view" problem if I may call it so - they are in fact inside the cargo, others see them inside, their own action menu (get out, etc.) thinks they are inside only their "field of view" is wrong and not entirely inside - actually they see themselves in a position where one could never be through normal gameplay moves. Most noticeable if using first person view as you should only see a wall. Well, the inside of the vehicle I mean. But some are seeing a little "more". It's a small flaw. And does not happen to all units/players. Anyone ever seen something like this? Am I missing/doing wrong something for it to happen? Could it be lag-related?
  7. In an MP environment where the AI skills are define in the server's profile... what happens to the AI skill values set for individual editor-placed units? Can I assume those will all be overwritten as to the server's default values? And what's with the skill of dynamically spawned AI units during a running mission? Do I have to take care of their skills myself or will the server set those straight, too?
  8. Bulldog72

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Do it the same way as you would load the howitzer. ("prep" the mortar round looking at the shells box, set fuse/charge using your interaction menu; a "white" looking mortar round would appear behind you, start to carry it, move near mortar, and in your interaction menu (still carrying the shell) there is now an option to load the mortar). But whats with the mortar shells that you can take out of the box into your inventory like before? Apparently you can still use them to load an editor pre-placed mortar just fine using its CSW menu; however in this case of a pre-placed mortar the T-E action menu is missing and its therefore completely unusable because you cant set the elevation. And If you disassemble and reassemble it, it can no longer be loaded the "old" way. At best you can now fire 4, maybe 5 rounds per minute because of this clumsy artillery interface it is using. Which may be fine for an actual artillery gun. But for a mortar? I dont really picture it...
  9. First: I know nothing about how keyfiles work but this is what I can see here: There is a key file "lingor_sounds_.pbo.lingor14.bisign" included. Notice the trailing 2nd underscore _ before .pbo.lingor14.bisign extension... all the other key files have the same filename as the corresponding pbo file. Dunno if this may cause issues or not.
  10. Bulldog72

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Invisible Targets. How "big" are they? Can I assume infantry target would be man size, armored and heavy armored... about average APC and tank size?
  11. That should do the trick, tyvm!
  12. Ty, but the problem at this point is still I can not know the car as the "object". So I cant do a _carObject = foobar; because I dont know foobar (without quotes) yet. I do know "foobar" (or "myuberride" or "whatever") as string representation of some object's name only - the script does not have the Metainfo that there are actual objects floating around with those names. And I cant do a if (_carvehicleVarName == "foobar") then { foobar doDance; //do something with object foobar }; for all possible names either because the "name's pool" may change dynamically. Some names may come from editor placed objects, some are assigned with setVehicleVarName as vehicles are created at runtime. I need to get my hand on the actual object reference starting from those string names first... Basically I would need something similar to: _myride = [color="#FF0000"]getObjectWithVehicleVarName[/color] _carvehicleVarName; Any other ideas or am I barking up the wrong tree here and something like this is not doable?
  13. In a script I have this: _carVehicleVarName = "foobar"; //the real "string" That is all the script knows at this point. Metainfo: In my game there exists a vehicle (a humvee actually but thats not important here) which indeed has the name foobar and can be referenced by it. Therefore: _carPos = getPos foobar; is perfectly valid. And this is exactly what I need. The position of said car foobar. How do I get there from the string "foobar"?
  14. Please consider this: FUNC_f = { _param = _this select 0; ... }; FUNC_f may be called with an unit or a position (array) as its parameter - how do I find out what _param is? I would need something like this here: ... if (_param isKindOf "AllVehicles") then { _splashPos = getPos _param; } else { //assume _param already is a [position] _splashPos = _param; }; ... It does not work like this and throws me a runtime error because isKindOf cant deal if "_param" actually is an array. But I need something similar... anybody got a better idea for me?