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  1. he only reason I will return to play A3 is this MOD. Thank you, I'll wait as long as I can.
  2. Hello Guys, I've been following this project since the beginning, and see clearly the dedication and affection to him, thank you so much for the whole community of the ARMA for us prestige with a project so wonderful. Regards JetherJr
  3. Thank you! I will try and post here the result! Cheers
  4. I used this command in space (On Dea) and it didn't work! I used; heli1 engineOn false; can you put an example please ? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone! I'm using the command rec = [heli2 .30 .600] spawn BIS_fnc_unitCapture; for recording, and heli1 engineOn true; handle = [heli1, recpath, [], true, true] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; to play I'm having problems with the helicopters when landing, I can't make the engines shut down. Anyone know tell me how should I proceed?
  6. Great!! At least we're hoping this marvelous addon will continue and be improved more and more!! Thanks for this great job! Cheers
  7. In any way I want to make a donation that will speed up the process but because the work you guys has been developing worth the recognition!!! Thanks
  8. @NodUnit Very nice this mod!!! I have done a donation and I will continue doing, you deserve it!! You have intention to keep updating and make it work perfectly together with the ACE3? Thank you for providing us with this addon! Regards
  9. Hi ! First I want to congratulate for the great work with the HRP! I would like to know if there is any plans to enhance the TrackIR 6DOF (ARMA3) to provide the up and down movement as it does in DCS, Xplane and other simulators? Regards Jether
  10. I am civilian helicopter pilot !!
  11. I'm helicopter pilot, if they need help to test the mod you guys can count on me
  12. Anxious for the release !!! Apologies but ask you guys have any plans for an alpha or beta? Regards !
  13. Thanks to the developers by the effort and work committed to the creation of this addon and for sharing with us. I am an admirer of the operations of the 160th SOAR, including also participate in a Brazilian group called 160th SOAR. This MOD will addimmersion, simulation and fun to our work. Equal to the others do not see the time in order to fly these birds! Thanks again Regards
  14. I All ! I would like to request the permission so that I can modify the textures of the Nimitz, my idea and leave the real textures, with natural wear and tear marks!! I will posting the WIP! Please how do I get these permissions? Regards JetherJr