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  1. Yeah it'll have a massive enchancement on FPS, yet your GPU will be the one bottlenecking.
  2. True, the same amount of stream processors as 5870, but underclocked as you said. ---------- Post added at 09:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 PM ---------- Get atleast i5 750 and 460GTX, the best price-performance combo atm.
  3. 5970 is actually a 5850 X2, but with 5870 chipset, which means it'll have a lot of microstutter and quite high tempetatures because of 2 GPU cores.
  4. Hi!, I've got at this moment an Athlon x2 7850(dual core@3.1Ghz), should I swap it to a Phenom x4 9750(quad 2.4ghz)? The multiplier in phenom is locked upwards so I can't overclock it that way, only by raising fsb. The dual core won't overclock over 3.1ghz too or it will not be stable. TL;DR version: Is 3.1GHZ dual core better than 2.4ghz quad core processor?