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  1. In a mission I previously made, my player respawn point was under a canopy (warehouse roof type building with no walls) and no issues in respawning, since the new update, I always respawn on the roof now. Anyone else notice this issue? and other than moving my spawn point, any idea how to fix it?
  2. In your trigger or whatever, use getMarkerColor "your marker name" == "ColorGreen";
  3. I have this script, called from the init.sqf with execVM "intelmover.sqf"; The script moves (attaches) an editor placed intel document to one of 10 editor placed tables, but I have a feeling that in a multiplayer game when each player joins, the intel would be moved to another table, is this the case? _table = [table1,table2,table3,table4,table5,table6,table7,table8,table9,table10]; _randPos = _table call bis_fnc_selectrandom; intel1 attachTo [_randPos,[0,0,0.43]]; How would I ensure that the script is only called once at the beginning of the mission? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply both of you, so to clarify, would I put the call line in the initServer.sqf or add the If (isserver) then {execVM " bla"} around the call in the init.sqf or would either option work?
  5. I am having an issue with a respawn template. I have this in my description.ext file and it had been working fine, but I think since the last update (I am using stable branch) when you die/become incapacitated underwater, you don't actually become incapacitated, as in you have the message on screen that you are, but you can still swim about and shoot (but can't use mouse scroller). A friendly player is also still able to revive you, so message goes from screen and mouse scroller options comes back. Anyone else experienced this? Like I said this used to work fine underwater with no issues and still works fine on land. respawn = 3; disabledAI=1; respawnDialog = 1; respawnDelay = 10; respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition"}; respawnOnStart = -1;
  6. Hi neokika thanks for the reply. The Building is Land_Shed_Big_F (with this code in the init "this setVectorUp [0,0,0.01]" placed using the 101 editor mod) on position x:11660.1 y:11982.1 z:23.092 (AAC Airfield) Respawn info in description.ext :- (using respawn_west marker) respawn = 3; disabledAI=1; respawnDialog = 1; allowFunctionsLog = 1; respawnDelay = 10; respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition"}; respawnOnStart = -1; corpseManagerMode = 2; wreckManagerMode = 2; corpseLimit = 15; corpseRemovalMinTime = 30; //seconds corpseRemovalMaxTime = 1200; //seconds wreckLimit = 3; wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; //seconds wreckRemovalMaxTime = 1200; //seconds showGroupIndicator = 1 Hope this helps.
  7. I have tested this in the init.sqf file and it stops the excessive weapon sway, works after respawn too. Not tested on a dedicated server, but can't see any reason why it wouldn't. (same code as the no fatigue one with the commands changed) if (local player) then { player setCustomAimCoef 0.1; player addMPEventhandler ["MPRespawn", {player setCustomAimCoef 0.1;}]; };
  8. Yes sorry, the condition should be true.
  9. @zbug The DoGB clan are currently loving this mission. I do how ever have a question, we were attacking a small town and we happened to see an enemy FOB close by, so we completed the town then attacked the FOB and destroyed it. Then in the next town we had a prisoner and he showed the location of the very same FOB, but obviously it was already dead. We have since had a few more prisoners but we aren't getting any new FOB's. Have we inadvertently broke it by attacking the FOB before it was revealed?
  10. Lets say your mission start time is 15:00, then set a bomb trigger to go off with 1800 (seconds) in all three timeout boxes, the bomb will go off at 15.30. Set it to suit your mission start time. There maybe a better way of doing it, but that's how I'd do it :)
  11. tay-uk

    Prevent respawn

    I am assuming this in your description.ext file would stop the respawn for the particular player that dies. respawn = "NONE" And to end the mission, just have a end trigger that checks who's alive (if you had 3 players, named p1, p2 and p3) in on activation. !(alive p1) or !(alive p2) or !(alive p3)
  12. As you place the units/vehicles/objects etc down in the editor, the class name shows in the top right of the dialog box **edit** The class names in the text file are for the cloths, weapons and magazines etc., not the units themselves.
  13. Im not familiar with the CAF aggressors mod, but ive used modded factions in the EOS system with no issues before, If I get chance tonight I'll try to download this mod and have a go and see If I can get it working. So to be clear you have added the unit class names for this mod to the file Unit pools file in the EOS folder and you changed the call faction number in each of the call lines in the openme file? **EDIT** Its working fine with the CAF aggressors. In the unit pool file I have these as the option 7 units // CAF if (_faction==7) then { _InfPool= ["CAF_AG_ME_T_AK47","CAF_AG_ME_T_GL","CAF_AG_ME_T_SVD","CAF_AG_ME_T_RPG","CAF_AG_ME_T_RPK74","CAF_AG_ME_T_PKM","CAF_AG_ME_T_AK74"]; _ArmPool= []; _MotPool= ["CAF_AG_ME_T_Offroad","CAF_AG_ME_T_Offroad_armed_01","CAF_AG_ME_T_van_01"]; _ACHPool= []; _CHPool= []; _uavPool= []; _stPool= []; _shipPool= []; _diverPool= []; _crewPool= []; _heliCrew= [];}; Then in the openme file I have this for my call (SPW being the marker name, and the 7 in the last brackets as the CAF faction) null = [["SPW"],[3,1],[3,1],[1,0],[0],[0],[0,0],[7,1,20,EAST,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;
  14. @tazmania720, just out of interest, how do you know they are CAF Aggressors units, if they are wearing CSAT gear and carrying CSAT weapons?
  15. Could someone please post the working version of the convoy script, so it re-starts after an attack, have tried the changes but must be doing something wrong. Thanks.
  16. No idea what happened to mine, but I just created a new mission file, then merged my old one and now I have my original name back :blink:
  17. I am having a similar issue, My mission folder is called Co16_Operation_I-Files.Altis In the editor advanced Intel its called Co16 Operation I-Files R19 But on the mission list after exporting it shows as Co16 Opera This has only started to occur today. If I remove the name in the advanced intel, it shows the full mission folder name in the map selection list, but if I add a name, it only shows the 1st 10 characters of that name.
  18. The BIS virtual arsenal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arsenal
  19. tay-uk

    Revive & Respawn

    BIS have created a simple revive template, just put this in your description.ext file respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition"}; or respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive"};
  20. tay-uk

    CSAT won't engage NATO?

    I believe too many troops can cause an issue like that, I seem to remember in the past I have also had it. There is also a limit on how many groups you can have on the map which is 144 I think. As stated by magicpanda, EOS is brilliant and well worth a look at. It might look complicated at first, but it really isn't.
  21. tay-uk

    CSAT won't engage NATO?

    Could you upload your mission, so we could have a look?
  22. tay-uk


    Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but when I use this:- ["Task1","Failed"] call SHK_Taskmaster_upd; The marker created when the task is given does not get deleted. Any Ideas? 
  23. I am assuming that if you wanted all players (regardless of class) able to use the support, you would just use this, or does it need something else? player synchronizeObjectsAdd [requestor]; BIS_supp_refresh = TRUE;
  24. tay-uk

    Help with Understanding SimpleTasks

    I'll 2nd the Taskmaster2 method, does what it say's on the tin.