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  1. I voted NO (Dislike) why?, Because i find them horrible!!, totally unrealistic!
  2. Exactly the same issue, Steam version, Combined operations.
  3. Argento

    Digital Compass

    I cant make it work, the "FPS Mod" in wich this one is based works w/o any problems, but this one, no joy :( ArmA 2 Combined Operations , Steam Version (Both , Arma2 and Op Arrowhead) + ACE2 + ACRE
  4. Argento

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I can confirm that using the Steam "original" exe, uses Steam, BUT if you installed the beta AND checked the tilde in the profereces of the laucher (use beta) , Steam dont load, so the beta is not steam dependant
  5. Right, Front panel at the left, 4 buttons (AA Mode/Turn on Target/Ground Moving Targets and Front aspect air mode) i fight DCS Black Shark too :D
  6. Argento

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Superb Work Spirited Machine!
  7. Well, im not an expert an all, but i thik that MBT are hidraulic driven, and you need the engine running to have hidraulic pressure. Also the Vickhr used in the Ka-50/52 CAN target air assets. But thats the good thing of mods, you can choose to use them or not for a more "realistic" approach or a more "arcade" type :D:D