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  1. Yeah he's pretty much censoring all comments on the workshop page now that are even mentioning Kibot at all and whether he gave him permission or not. Sad to see scumbags like these are still around and some people are gullible enough to think that he is the "victim".
  2. rautapalli

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Funny how BI markets this game as a great mod platform but then don't bother taking any action when shit like this happens. The mod community is the only reason this franchise even exists anymore. This is a good way to make every talented modder leave for other games. Why create all these licenses and rules if you don't enforce anything.
  3. It quite clearly says that you will stop updating the workshop version and newer versions will only be available by "donation". Asking for donations is fine. Selling missions/addons/server access and saying it's a "donation" is not. I don't know whether he gave you permission or not, but it doesn't really matter as you're not only breaching his license but also the rules set by BIS. BIS has very clear rules about monetization: But surely you're already aware of all this as people have pointed this out on your workshop page, in the messages which you have either deleted or edited.
  4. You'd think people would have learned after this whole A3Life fiasco, but apparently not. BigShot is now selling a modified version of this mission and as such breaching the CC BY-NC-SA license (and the ARMA eula for that matter). And no.. it's not a "donation" when you're asking people to give you money in exchange to get the mission, you're selling it. He is also deleting/editing any messages pointing this out on his workshop page. Just to let kibot know: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/222686368/624076027474634374/
  5. I managed to solve this by myself. Not by removing the missions like in the thread above, I didn't even actually have the mission files on my computer anymore, trying to start one of these removed missions gave me an error saying that there's not enough disk space, even though the actual error was that it could not download the file from workshop as it has been removed... However, I found a file called subscribedContent.list in Documents/Arma 3/Saved/steam/meta folder. Deleting this file got rid of all the removed workshop missions. This file rebuilt itself after starting the game again with the missions that I'm actually subscribed to. It seems like the workshop integration is a bit half assed at the moment, it doesn't seem to handle situations where the content creator deletes his mission from the workshop at all.
  6. Hello I have a bunch of workshop missions in my game that have been removed from workshop. How can I get rid of them? I've tried to look up how to remove workshop missions from the game, every place tells me to unsubscribe from the mod, but I can't do that. These removed missions don't show up in my subscribed list and clicking the workshop button in-game for the mission just brings me to a error page saying this workshop item does not exist.
  7. rautapalli

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Oh man, the majority of the posts in this thread are around the same level as youtube comments. What the hell happened to the ARMA community?
  8. rautapalli

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Just like it handles them now with the possible Steam Workshop support on top? Have you people ever even used Steam? Do you even know what Steam is?
  9. rautapalli

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yeah man, possibly having Steam Workshop integration on top of everything we have now is totally going to destroy the modding community. More options is bad, right?
  10. rautapalli

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Everyone spewing this crap has no clue what they are talking about :). Steam going down would not kick you out from servers since they will still be the same dedi servers we have today. That only applies to games that use Steamworks for P2P multiplayer. Yeah, the upsides have been said over and over again here and elsewhere too. The upsides overpower the downsides by such a huge number that it is irrelevant :)
  11. After studying how locality works in ARMA, check this out: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_framework It will make your life much easier. :p
  12. Cuel is right, triggers created in the editor are local for each machine. This isn't a problem if you just use it for something like displaying hints since that is a local command, but if you use commands that are synced between players, you'll run into problems. In your example there will be as many bombs created as there are players.
  13. Oh goddamn it, apparently my version of BI Tools was outdated and it was generating v1 keys instead of v2 keys. Case solved.
  14. I can't get my addon signatures working. The steps I took while creating them: I created the .biprivatekey and .bikey with DSCreateKey, that worked fine. Both files showed up in the folder. I went into binpbo options and added the path to my .biprivatekey. I checked "create signature" in the main windows of binpbo. I packed the addon. It created the .pbo and .bisign properly, the addon works fine in singleplayer. But then I moved the .bikey file into the keys folder on my server and tried joining it and I just get the usual "myaddon.pbo signature is not accepted by the keys on the server" error. I've tried restarting the server and my client multiple times, I've tried repacking the addon and creating a new key, but nothing seems to work. Same error every time. I even tried DsCheckSignatures, I ran it through in cmd with the correct folders and it didn't output anything, I assume that means the key is supposed to work? Does anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong? Edit: Oh and I also saw this thread, but changing my Windows password and repeating the process didn't do anything, same error.
  15. Lasers have always worked for me, but sometimes when there are some other people using flashlights, mine refuses to turn on. Probably something to do with the engines dynamic light limit.