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  1. Hi guys I'd like to announce the release of my third mission Operation Cold Bore You play as an elite Delta force Sniper team Deep behind Russian Lines on the Namalsk Islands to assassinate a Russian HVT. The mission was designed for single player but is also 2 player coop, and will work fine. I have included two different versions of the mission a day version,and a Night version.. they have only small differences. My mission features; -ACE -Random Starting Positions (3 different start points) -DAGR GPS -Weapon Selection from briefing screen -Save via radio -Detailed briefing including pictures -Working task hints -Both random and static AI patrols -Heal via action menu -Bullet Cam script -Day and Night versions Required Addons; ARMA2 Combined Operations ACE2 ACEX CBA NAMALSK Recommended Addons; Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular by Protegimus Your favorite flavor sound mod :cool: Change Log v1.1 - Added missing snow and weather effects - Added wider selection of weapons For the spotter - Fixed SaveGame radio button not working - Added/Tweaked OPFOR position Notes Although not required I fiercely recommend using Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular by Protegimus to increase immersion and help with the stealth recognition skills of the AI. This mission was intended to be played stealthy not run and gun, It will require patience. Large number of enemy AI may decrease performance on low spec machines (quad core Recommended). Can be completed firing only one shot. Bullet cameras script can be enabled and disabled via radio button. you can select from a large number of sniper rifles from the briefing screen Download Link MegaUpload http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ESMIW54U Any Mirrors appreciated. Credits and thanks; Mission designed and tested by Vicarious The entire ACE team Bullet time script by Big Dawg KS USPMON Patrol script by monsada and kronzky Sumrak for the awesome Namalsk members of the BI community and BI themselves Armaholic and Strategy Informer for their mirrors.
  2. Hi Everyone, Back from hiatus and am in a pickle, I bought the supporter edition through the BI store using my old sproketIdea account (associated with all my BI purchases). The problem is my forum account and my BI store account are on associated to different email addresses. I have tried merging them although it states that either the password is wrong (which they are not I have access to both the forums and the BI store profile) or that the email account is already in use by another user. I see from the OP that I was supposed to change the email addresses associated with these before the end of February, but I must have missed that memo. So how do I sort this out so that they are linked? I'm not too fussed about the supporter badge, that's not why I bought that edition. But I would prefer not having to start fresh. Can someone point me to the person whom I need to PM to get this sorted out? or what I can do? Thanks a bunch. Cant wait to get back into designing & releasing more missions when the the full release is launched.
  3. Vicarious

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    I've never used any form of VR before, I would really love to test it out... but alas, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to do so at any brick and mortar store these days. I would imagine however, that Arma would be a perfect game to marry with the Oculus Rift.
  4. Hi guys, with the release of the new patch/PMC DLC I've been blown away buy some of the new features that really improve atmosphere... but I've been unable to unpack any of these new .pbo files associated with PMC so I cant see how these effects are implemented. I realize there is a thread already on the video playback features but was wondering if anyone has figure out how to implement these features yet; - new dust/wind effect with debris (noticeable in the first mission) - don't know what to call this but its the effect during the first mission, they implemented the credits in an awesome fashion where they where slowly fading in as you approached them in-game Also any other new tricks and toys that are found in 1.56 would be good to understand. BTW am I the only one who cant unpack the new .pbo's? I've tried using pboview and cpbo to no avail. Thanks in advance !!:cool:
  5. Vicarious

    [SP/COOP2] Operation Cold Bore

    Thanks mate!!. As I said in a previous post I give my full permission for anybody who wants to publish a quick fix for this mission, I would be happy to include them in the credits for the mission as well.
  6. Vicarious

    [SP/COOP2] Operation Cold Bore

    This seems to me to be a viable reason. But as I stated earlier the mission was working fine when released so one of the recent patches must have broken it. I have been away from the arma scene for a while as i just finished studying and have just started a new job (which involves shift work) so i have been very busy I will eventually fix this mission, but i have no idea when.... if anyone else has the time and energy they could unpbo the mission and give him some ammo or a pistol or something to stop him from running and falling to his death. (it would be an easy fix) You could then release it with my full blessing and thanks, there's no problem there. Otherwise i will eventually get around to fixing it and updating all my missions, and releasing a few unfinished ones..... until the happy hunting gents...:cool:. ---------- Post added at 11:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 PM ---------- Thanks mate, really appreciate it I really enjoy creating missions.... so when I get a chance I will release more you can count on it !!
  7. Well done guys, this island looks excellent I cant wait for Christmas but take your time there's no rush and thanks for sharing it with the community :notworthy:
  8. Vicarious

    User mission requests!

    I've recently finished my studying so I'm currently in the process of updating all my missions (as well as releasing some new ones) and operation cold bore will be done as well. Also I may be adding a non-ACE version as well so look out for the soon ETA within the next 2 weeks. BTW the mission worked perfectly on it release, It was an update for either ACE or OA that broke the mission ;)
  9. Vicarious

    Coffeecat's Single Player Missions

    Hey mate I thought you could use some feedback so here it is; First off let me say it was a great mission lots of fun (thats what counts!) and I love playing as OPFOR, so thats always a plus ;) here is a run down of what I thought were pros and Suggestions; Pros; - Nice intro - All triggers and objectives work properly - Good length (great for a quick takiban fix now and again) - Great mission location (rushing down that hill with tracers skimming overhead felt awesome) Suggestions; - Would have been nice to see a weapon selection in the briefing for some extra re playability) - I ran out of satchels/IED's and needed to use grenades to blow up the fuel depot so maybe some explosive's crates stashed around in case the player runs dry. - The fuel depot was completely empty with no US troops whatsoever, which felt a little too easy. - Mission did not check it self off as complete once I completed it. In case you were wondering I used the Zues AI mod and it played fine also it took me 32min to complete but prob would have taken around 25 if I didn't run out of satchels and had to go snooping around for some explosives. Hope this helps mate and thanks for the hard work !! ;)
  10. Here you go KaBoNG, I tried to make it as simple as possible for you, here's what I included; -BIS_fnc_destroyCity -BIS_fnc_sandstorm -BIS_fnc_crows -BIS_fnc_flies -BIS_fnc_3Dcredits Just let me know if you need any help, good luck ;) function_sample http://www.multiupload.com/REBCSUY0O4
  11. I'll whack together a sample mission for you tomorrow mate, I'm off to bed for now its midnight here in the land of OZ ;).
  12. Vicarious

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Awesome cant wait to try these, thanks mate!!
  13. That did the trick, thanks for all you help mate much appreciated :notworthy:
  14. Try checking this out mate its a new feature with patch 1.56, pretty easy to implement aswelll. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_destroyCity
  15. @SaOk The above code yields no result for me, I can't get the text to display at all when trying it that way... I even changed _h back to SafeZoneH and still get no text at all, is something missing? Maybe if you could create a sample mission so i could compare what I'm doing wrong? only if you have the time of course, it would be much appreciated.
  16. Hrmm.. trying to figure out this one myself, I'll try getting it to appear on ground level and get back to you.
  17. I'm having trouble getting the BIS fnc 3d credits to work here is the synatax [Vicarious,[1559.74,558.70,1.49],20,1.5] call BIS_fnc_3Dcredits; I think its to do with my syntax, any ideas? Oh and i already placed the function module on the map. P.S I'm not very advanced in the editor so please be gentle ;) ---------- Post added at 11:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:33 PM ---------- figured it out, thanks again mate ;)
  18. Thanks mate will check it out asap :pc:
  19. @SaOK Thanks mate, I appreciate the help ;)
  20. +1 mate very well said. As to BI I personally thank you for the DLC and I would gladly pay again for another DLC or any other work you put out for ARMA in the future, just to show that your ongoing support and dedication to the game justifies the price of any and all of your work to me personally. Well done :D
  21. Vicarious

    CIA SOG/SAD units

    One word mate, Awesome !!!. Excellent level of detail mate, I really appreciate your attention to detail. As for a suggestion, i have absolutely no modeling/texture knowledge but am wondering if you are going to implement or are thinking of implementing a changeable headgear system whilst in game? similar to what the AAW units have (being able to cycle through different helmets/beanies ect on the fly during a mission), I'm only curios and have know idea how much work that takes so I will understand if you guys aren't going to implement it. Looking fantastic mate, oh and take you're time there's no rush.
  22. Vicarious

    RH wip thread

    +1 Would be awesome to the the AK pack updated, but if you're too busy (or just don't want to, which i could understand ;)) I'm happy either way... you're weapon packs are the best!!! regardless if you update them or not, I', glad you released anything at all :cool:.
  23. LINGOR = AWESOME!!!!!! We as a community are very lucky when people like icebreaker and others go to all this trouble to create maps,addons and mods that so many of us enjoy for HOURS on end free of charge. So thank you Icebreaker and all those who contributed to this island both technically and conceptually. THANK YOU !!! :D
  24. Vicarious

    [SP/COOP2] Operation Cold Bore

    Hrmmm... are you running any other AI mods? if so disable them and try again. Also the mission was made quite some time ago and ACE has been updated quite a few time since the mission release so that could be the problem. Also it may be the new Arma patches have changed something... my only theory is that because the col. is spawned at a custom height using "setPos" a patch or ACE update may have caused him to spawn to low (falling to his death) or too high resulting in the same thing. I've been very busy and as such haven't been designing missions or playing much arma so I'm afraid i cant test this ATM. Although when i get a chance I'll give it a look. On the contrary it awesome to see people are still playing my missions!! I hope you can get it working mate :cool:
  25. Vicarious

    Ghost Recon:Island Thunder Campaign

    Sounds Awesome mate, I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Good luck !!