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  1. 1 reason. The futuristic stuff. It's meaningless and has no point of reference as to how it should be used, unlike the stuff in Arma 2 which we all know from real life. I played Op Flash and grew to love the AK74 and G36. I played Arma and grew to love the SVD. I played Arma 2 and grew to love the AK107 pso, M4A1 CCO sd, the BTR-90, the T-90, the Mi-24 hind. I played Arma 3 and couldn't even work out what gun is for what purpose. Is it an SMG? Is it an assault rifle? Why is the BMP equivalent not as good as a BMP? Where is the powerhouse that is the BTR-90? I fully acknowledge that Arma 3 is the better game, but for the reason above, it is the only game in the series that i just don't love.
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    I've admined various games over the years, including arma 2 for a couple of years, so i know the nature of the job. The issue is the tools, they are vague at best. I haven't tried BEC yet, is it a worthwhile addition?
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    Yes, V2. Believe me I've scoured the net looking for solutions and setting the sig check was one of the first things i did, along with renaming and moving server config files and various other things.
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    First off, thanks for a brilliant series of games - i played flashpoint to death and beyond, didn't play so much Arma, am now playing Arma 2 to death and beyond. I run my own server, and like many servers recently have had an enormous influx of hackers who come in, grief a game to destruction thats been running happily for hours and then f*** off again laughing. Now, this is a plague that affects all computer games these days and in general i've come to accept it as an annoyance that is largely unavoidable. The reason i feel compelled to bring it up (as no doubt others have recently) is the sheer number of hack attacks recently - despite using all the security methods mentioned on these forums and others, keeping the game patched up to date and running battleye, it has reached a point where every single round was hacked and destroyed by one or other of these *lots of nasty censored words* script kiddies. I have managed to severely reduce the number of hacks recently by kicking anybody who stays too long in the lobby, but this requires constant monitoring and little time for any actual gameplay for myself. Obviously, i would like to know of any other means of securing my server that the community knows about, and would also like to know if BIS has anything in the works that could help the situation? One thing that helped considerably in other games i have adminned was punkbuster - it's dubious cheat detection qualities aside, the use of screenshots was immensely useful in catching hackers retrospectively - perhaps something similar could be made for Arma 2 to run alongside battleye?
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    We are the International Tour Of Duty clan. Started originally on battlefield 1942, through battlefield vietnam, battlefield 2, bad company 2 and now branching out into Arma 2. We have a 22 player CTI server (ToDclan) that has a solid admin prescence and zero tolerance to cheating and hacking. We are running Chernarus as our main map, with Quesh Kibrul being used occasionally for a faster paced battle. We run vanilla Arma 2, not OA at the moment, and don't run any mods apart from maps. Server is set at veteran, with insane difficulty on resistance AI, so battle is fierce and teamplay wins the day. Our forums are located at: http://www.arma2.ToDclan.net Feel free to join our server/forums. We also have a TS3 server at: londonts3.lrc-networks.com port:9918
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    Thank you BI

    Just wanted to say thank you for creating 3 excellent games (OFP,Arma, Arma 2), culminating in the near perfection of Operation Arrowhead which by all accounts has resolved many of the issues in Arma 2. Keep up the good work guys.