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    Surround sound problems, DEVs take notice

    If that were the case for physical 5.1 or 7.1 headsets then you'd be correct Dark. However the Plantronics, Roccat, and (in my case) Turtle Beach [for now, my Kave's broke :(] all use multiple speakers inside the headset, not virtualization for their 5.1 setups.
  2. Shad0wCatcher

    Camp Fortress V1.0 by Ei8ght

    Solid work Ei8ght. Always love your camp setups.
  3. Correct. I'm building new arrays within vanilla weaps / vanilla mags. Using yours as a baseline with regards to what should be rare and what shouldn't.
  4. Added a couple commas to the ends of my array lists. Oops. Read below however. EDIT: Your scripts still aren't recognizing ACE ammo or weapons. I've gone over my own configs six ways from sunday. It's also the exact same list I've used for every one of my missions. Getting a ton of script errors from undefined classes in wtyp1 / wtyp when trying to create the caches. It seems as if it cannot read the ACE classfiles at all; hence my original question regarding load orders.
  5. That's what I figured when I looked at the unit inits and didn't see any helos for Insurgents mark. Much appreciate your time. I'll probably end up adding a few helos to their init so they aren't so lost. One really odd question though if you have the time: I added an ACE Force Recon machine-gunner unit to the USMC base unit init (ACE_FR_MG; his superclass is FR_AR) but when I recompiled and restarted the mission none of the factions were listed at all except for Civilians. Once I removed it everything returned to normal. Any thoughts on why that might be? Possible load order issues? Anyone else have any problems like this? With regards to the weapon config I'm still proofing it. Just got back from a business trip that ate up literally the entire day.
  6. Good deal on both notes. Much appreciated. Regarding clarification, correct. I've only run a small sample size (approximately 20 mission starts of varying difficulty) however in each of them I've not seen a single Hind in the air. They are spawning however. In my last mission start one was parked on one of the helipad compositions in pristine condition. However, the only air units I've seen flying have been BAF AH1s and AH-64Ds; all enemy-controlled. I only took notice of it as I haven't run US Army as a blufor faction yet for it to even be an option to spawn; only USMC or USMC / BAF mixed. Opfor has been either Insurgents or Russian factions; never combined; always one or the other. I thought at first it might have been a simple config error causing the air units to spawn only Apache subtypes but I got a little sidetracked adding most every permutation of every weapon / ammo type in the ACE classlists to the weapon init. I really really should have been to sleep about four hours ago but I wanted to get this done. Lol. Once I finish it up if you'd like I can shoot you the file to look over if you desire.
  7. Apologies for semi-resurrecting this, but I'm trying to wrap my head around your init_weapons // init_factions scripts. Searched multiple permutations however didn't find anything remotely close to what I'm requesting. Are the numbers posted before the classnames in the weapon init script percentages or absolute numbers to spawn? Just working on a few personal edits to add more flavor (via ACE classes). Same deal with the faction init and duplicated unit classes. I can only assume that adds more "weight" per se for each particular unit. Am I close on that? At any rate, I am immensely enjoying this mission type so far. I've been having an absolute blast with it. Thank you for producing this fine work and sharing it with us. On an odder note. I've been running this on Tigeria (as well as a quick Chernarus test) quite a bit (love that island) and I've noticed every single air patrol with USMC or mixed USMC / BAF units as friendly w/ Insurgents or Russians as the east faction are either Apache AH1 (BAF version) or the AH-64D. I was expecting Hinds; not friendly 30 mike-mike blowing my ass to pieces.
  8. Shad0wCatcher

    Multi-Session Operations v4.4 released

    I'd start with _trg setTriggerStatements["this && ({(vehicle _x in thisList) && ((getposATL vehicle _x) vehicle means any type of controllable entity; be it plane, train, automobile, or the pissed off dude wielding an M4 pointed at your head. I'm not sure anymore what to change that to as I've only just come back after taking an eight or so month break but that's the likely culprit. EDIT: to keep my post on-topic @Tup/high/wolffy et al Still following you guys every once in a while on skype :D
  9. Amazingly beautiful island Old Bear. Saddens me every time I mar it with massive firefights.
  10. Shad0wCatcher

    MCC Sandbox - Mission making the easy way

    Hardest thing with that sleep is that because all the AI routines are handled via UPSMON there may not be enough building positions for the AI to occupy when given the fortify command. You'd probably have to check the building to make sure. I know crB came out with a script setup a while back to number house positions available in a specific building. But back on topic-ish. Great to see you're continuing to develop this shay et al. Great mission building tool :D
  11. Shad0wCatcher

    MARSOC Marine Special Operations Team

    Thanks Meatball. These units are top-notch.
  12. Well Crap. While this is a rather really late response (I've only very recently gotten back into editing after a few month break). Thank you for the corrections Zivo. Not sure how the old (nonfunctional) version of the CDF v Russia got packed up with the others (essentially for every faction I made a fully functional version and copy / pasted the groups / classes over; everything else that was already present was kept intact). And thank you again for a great tool ArmaIIholic.
  13. Shad0wCatcher

    Multi-Session Operations v3.3 is released!

    I think if you disable the Zora module in the MSO and replace it with the WICT configs units (ensuring you keep the same units or whatever 'axis of evil' you wanna use). You wouldn't necessarily have as dynamic of a game due to having the WICT spawn markers already placed (unless you wrote a script to generate them procedurally and randomly on the map). In either case; eagerly await the additions that 3.4 will bring. Thanks again for all y'all's hard work.
  14. I couldn't help it. Addled brain syndrome. I was awake for 26+ hours yesterday :x.
  15. Crap. Also US Army vs Insurgents / Russia / Takistani Army; also with and without ACE configs.