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  1. I'm getting this error too, but with the demo. Another crash I'm also getting is sometimes if I try to load/continue my game from the main menu it'll crash on loading. Oddly, if I leave the main menu running for a min or so the loading crash seems much less likely! I'd like to get the game as it seem right up my street, but the demo is so unstable on my system (to the point of being unplayable) that I don't want to chance it...
  2. @Buckster What are your specs? First couple of AO missions yield between 20-30 FPS for me, often in the low twenties... ;( I'm running with PP off already... My specs are: QX6700 Quad Extreme @2.7Ghz GTX 480 4GB Dominator RAM EVGA 680i Motherboard Apple Cinema Display 30 inch @ 2560x1600 Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  3. Well I tried a bit more, played with various settings etc yet still unable to get a solid frame rate in most missions (tried some of the scenarios too). What I find frustrating is that even when I'm getting decent FPS (40-60) the game doesn't really feel like it... It still seems jerky, a tad unresponsive (mouse) and LODs visibly bink in and out fairly frequently ;(. I think it might just be something about the engine, though not sure... As I've said before I'd really like to get into this game, but right now it's giving me ArmA 1 deja vu, i.e. many hours of tweaking without success ending in me eventually giving up on the game. It's still relatively early days (only just bought CO from Steam) so I'm hopeful of a breakthrough. On paper and in screenshots it's perfect, though in reality it's quite a different matter at the moment. Anyone else had similar experiences but 'found a way through?' EDIT: Actually after playing with it more yest it *does* seem ok when you have a good frame rate. Not as smooth as other shooters maybe, but still decent and prob something I can get used to. Went through a lot of the tutorial missions and they're pretty silky at 45-60FPS. This feels very nice, problem is that the actual combat is mostly in the 20's and even when over 30 there's often a drop as you turn the camera round - it appears that the engine is taking a hit loading in previously off screen assets resulting in a stutter and sometimes LOD pop. As we all know the combat is pretty demanding in ArmA 2 (which I love) but trying to draw a bead on enemies with a poor frame rate is very frustrating (esp when coupled with the slight mouse lag aiming). I wish that the actual missions ran as smooth as the tutorials or even in the same ball park. I know there's *a lot* more going on, but mid to low 20's and sometimes teens is a real pain in the butt...
  4. @jtmedina Tks again man. I'm running Combined Operations already... The frame rate can be really good at times, but other times (and frequently) it's bad to awful. Interesting that you get unplayable FPS on Bench_02 also. Will do a bit more testing this eve if time. Cheers.
  5. @jtmedina Thanks for the info. I get very good FPS on the carrier too, can't remember off hand but prob around 40-50. *Some* missions are fine (the one included in the demo for e.g. is almost always at 35-50FPS). But it seems like once I'm near a built up area or there's lots going on it all goes to hell (and obviously this is a fair bit) often around 17-23 which is useless. Another thing I've noticed is in comparison to other games ArmA doesn't seem very smooth even when I'm hitting a solid 50FPS. Some of this is due the the jumpiness of the animations - the gun just jerks off the screen when you go to run in first person for e.g. but even when walking it doesn't feel properly smooth. Not sure what level 'the ruins' you mention is, would you mind telling me what you get for Benchmark 02? I just ran it with your settings (barring res of 2560x1600 and view dist @ 1600) and achieved a blistering 13FPS :(. I'm sure this has been higher before, but still bad (17-22). On another note, ArmA 1 always had a big problem with mouse lag for me and with ArmA 2 it's better but still there. Basically things just feel a touch sluggish even when FPS are very high (no deadzone btw) and there's a feeling of inertia that means it takes me twice as long to draw a bead on a target in comparison to any other FPS. I know ArmA is a hardcore sim, which is what I love about it, but this doesn't seem to be by design, a slight lag in an FPS is very noticeable in the feel of the game. Anyway this is another issue and one that maybe I can learn to adapt to. The performance is killing right now though. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  6. @jtmedina Damn, wish I was getting those FPS with my GTX 480! What sort of FPS to you get in the mission 'Harvest Red,' (about the 4th I think)? I'm getting 17-30, but mostly around 20 or less when heading into the industrial area - Just useless :(. My specs and settings are above. Just tried altering my screen res but it makes no difference at all even when reducing it right down to 1280x800 (not that I'd play like that). Any suggestions?
  7. @Leon86 Reason I don't overclock is: 1: I really need a stable system (it's my work PC also). 2: I don't know enough about OCing to feel comfortable doing it. 3: I like to extend the longevity of my parts as much as possible. I have my shadows set to very high already, will try playing around with the other settings again this eve. Thanks for help, I'd really like to get it setup so that 25FPS is the minimum (and rare), but ideally 30 with an average of around 35-40. I get 45 for the Arma Bench 01 and the AO Bench, but only around 22 (or below!) for the Arma Bench 02 which sadly seems to be a more realistic representation of the game from my short experience so far. The first mission in AO seems to run at about 23-30FPS, so I'm beginning to think that the whole game's not going to work well for me, possibly with most missions playing at around 20-30FPS and frequently in the low twenties and occasional teens ;(. Hopefully with patience and testing though I'll find a decent combination of settings. I've been browsing the forums for tips etc but would still really appreciate any further advice as not had much luck so far. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys, New here, finally decided to take the plunge and buy A2CO. I'd been put off in the past (after owning ArmA 1) due to bad engine performance, bugs, mouse lag etc, but in so many ways this game/sim is totally my thing so thought I'd go for it and hope that things had improved. Generally it seems that they have but I'm having a hard time of it performance-wise (I can overlook some bugs due to the immense scope of the title). Here are my specs (nothing's OC'd and I don't want to either): QX6700 Quad Extreme @2.7Ghz GTX 480 4GB Dominator RAM EVGA 680i Motherboard Apple Cinema Display 30 inch @ 2560x1600 Windows 7 Ultimate x64 My A2CO settings are mostly normal, no AA, no PP, 1600 view distance but with very high texture res and very high shadow quality. Resolutions both set to 2560x1600 (native). For the training elements and some benchmarks (not benchmark_02) it's good @ 40-50FPS, *very* rarely under 30. Some of the missions seem ok too, the first Red Harvest insertion one for e.g. @30-35FPS but as soon as there's a lot going on (or for e.g. the town near the start of the RH campaign where you're briefed on the rooftop) it goes badly wrong, often around 20FPS, sometimes as low as 17. Setting everything (including resolution) to low makes a bit of a difference but not a lot, maybe 5FPS for a huge diff. in visual quality. Any suggestions? I know that the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU but I don't want to OC. I will try defragging the HDD later, though not sure how much this will help. Often in games there is one or two settings that hit performance really hard (SSAO often, sometimes AA) and by turning those off I can get good frames with still very high visual quality, but I haven't found any real frame savers for Arma2 yet. Maybe the game just requires a faster CPU in which case I guess I'm stuffed. I'd really like to run at native (2560x1600) if at all possible. I badly want to get into this game, on paper it sounds perfect + I really like the way it looks etc. Any suggestions much appreciated. Cheers, Robert (if it makes any difference I'm running the Steam edition)