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  1. Ok where do I start I know by telling bis to go and f*** themselves you got to be the the biggest bunch of self centred pricks I have come across and as far as this goes I will do what I want with my servers so please do your worse if you do manage to stop them I will drag your arse through the courts and make you look like bigger pricks then you already are bunch of knob jockies
  2. I am behind you nuxi, bis as far as I am concerned can go f*** themselves I have been I huge supporter from day 1
  3. ok you have either not changed the server name in your .cfg file or you have not giving the startup line the name of your cfg file
  4. yep it would be nice if someone from battleye can confirm that they either have an issue or they have stopped it, it would save us admins a lot of work as all my other servers are running ok apart from the a2 servers
  5. i would have a serious think about this type of server, unless you have maybe 10 admins on there permantly with a good antihack running in conjunction with battleye, bec and a few other programs, you will attract all the scum that arma 2 has to offer, that will inject your server with so many scripts it will crash on a permanent basis and if you manage to catch them, ban there guid, ip and name they will just laugh at you and come back with a new guid ( i would congratulate B.I.S for this in there Free version of A2 )and your back at square 1 its a never win situation, i would try reducing the number of players first and try and play around with the MinErorrtoSend or simply move it to Oa where you will stand a better chance of some protection or have a passworded server
  6. so what your saying nuxil is that battleye is using telepathy powers under orders from bis ? but then again my firewall must be blocking these telepathy waves:bounce3: its that good come on lets have a straight answer here I am fully aware that in order for Battleye to progress with its updates Bis has to update a2 from ver 1.11, so my question to bis are you going to update this ? but i think i can save you the finger pushing here .... no... am i right ? next thing is has battleye just decided to stop supporting A2 altogether as in just switched off there master server
  7. Oh dear he we go again People are asking for help and all you can say read here, dwarden you are are complete prat Why dont you give what people are asking for help instead of links, a lot of the server admins have not got a dam clue about this, but hey if it was dayz there be a million and one examples Why dont you come down off your high horse and come back to reality, no one has a clue what to do, lots of examples would help, when a server admin does understand this is the last place he comes to tell the rest of us, but its arma through and through it will never change its a case there it is you know what to do
  8. Sup@hKing This was the first port of call i checked to see if they possibly changed there name no joy nuxil have emailed you both chat and belog for that day
  9. Hi Nuxil Come across some strange things lately and the past month but not very frequent ( names have been changed to protect ) In the belog i find this 09:36:19 : kick was issued by admin : happy 09:36:19 : Player #1 example ( edited to protect <guid no >) has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (Admins Decision!) which would tell me that happy kicked the person if I look in the chat log i find this 09:36:19 : Side: mod3: !kick example This would tell me that happy did not kick him but an admin called mod3 or did happy kick him ? Now looked further and yes we had a admin mod3 on the server that kicked him, but what i am asking is why is the logs telling me that happy kicked him ?
  10. ballou


    ok i'm having some issues with this let me explain what i have done, maybe you can point me in the direction in my a3 server i have installed @arma2net have made a sqlite folder already have a logs folder have downloaded the map and installed it @life_server Have setup my mysql database and imported the arma3life.sql and its populated the database called arma3life with tables have edited database.txt file with " mysql,arma3life,,3306,****,**** and is in the root directory of the game ( mysql database is on the same server as game files ) my command line to start the game is loading the 2 folders@arma2net;@life_server server i can find, enter and it hangs without entering the lobby can anyone help me please *** edit *** have managed to get this running
  11. Only problem with that that it will only ban to not much help if you are wanting to ban a script kiddie i get the feeling he is wanting to say he wants a more flexible ban range for example to ? but i could be wrong on this
  12. Have to say brilliant tool but was wondering if there will be any updates soon for it ?
  13. taken first line Admins = {'01234567890=' : ["myname", 1 ,1, 1 , 1],} as i mentioned in the post all the other features report but not ban
  14. having some problems with the current version on a2, infact its been there since the past few versions ts3 bot not being informed on a ban, notifying on all others but not a ban, have tried looking in the init_py to see if its been told not to report but have tried editing the admin from 0 to 1 from 1 to 0, works on all others just not a ban, any thoughts ?
  15. come across a small issue ( possible typo error ) :) Issue 1 when some uses the trigger word in game "test" (example) someone called harry will use "test potter is eating a banana" , will translate in teamspeak to "test_bot":harry : in potter is eating a banana issue 2 Lobby idling time i have had to move this up from 300 to 650 as i am seeing people being kicked for idling, can you take a look at it to see if its running correct ? btw my previous issues have disappeared all 5 becs have been behaving today