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  1. Interaction is not working in our MP servers but works fine in SP? Are we doing something wrong? All players that attempted it are using the MOD. This occurs on both our dedicated server and when I launch an internet server on my computer myself. Anyone know what I did? I have the most recent MCC and this wasn't an issue prior to updating. We all used to be able to get the prisoners and the files and such. Now no one can not even the person who is logged into MCC and launched the mission?

  2. Is there a new method to setting BFT Information? Previously I would merely place the module and sync to a squad and it would place the icon in BFT and display the name I placed in Callsign box. However now I can't get the module to work with squads or vehicles nothing shows when I pull the PDA or Tablet associated with that side? Is this due possibly to the units I am syncing the module to lacking a PDA or Tablet?

    Further testing after update and pda and tablet is now not even showing up in the action menu just repack and such. This function was actually working earlier today but now is not any longer. I am also experiencing the AI and myself going into unconscious state and standing up while in it. Even though I was laying down when recieving the impact that caused me to enter the state?

  3. I am positive this has been addressed as how could it not be but can someone pleaes PM me regarding the combination of AGM and CSE how to go about doing so and what errors I can avoid by not attempting to mix certain aspects. Thank you kindly

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    Meat147 Why don't you just go into the Mission Description and change respawn time to 1 or 0 and then leave the unconscious state at the setting you like. This will eliminate the waiting period after death and allow you to respawn as soon as the unconscious state ends and the player dies. Or have you already attempted this and don't like the fact that it enables the ability to just click respawn and do so?

  4. Amazing addition to A3 I want to thank you guys first off for this it is something my group has felt was needed from the start and is a great addition to our ops.

    An issue we encountered is placing PDA's and Tablets in a crate via additem cargo has allowed the mission host to grab the items and use them however anyone else in the server can't even see these items in the crate that they are placed in. We have even attempted to have the mission host to take them from the box and place them on the ground. While this allowed 1 person to see the PDA they were unable to use it. Has anyone else encountered this issue and is there a work around?

  5. Is there another location to post regarding the newest version of MCC? I noticed in the one that came out in the last few days that the Console no longer shows in BIS's custom loadout options. In the GPS section where it used to be it is just gone?

    Figured it out sorry for the obviously incorrect post on my part =) I love the new commander menu.

  6. He is probably referencing the many missing sound issues the pack has. For example the AK error that pops up regarding full auto fire. Or how it is a MX sound for a variety of the weapons in the pack. I fired several of the AK's and heard several diff weapons that weren't AK's. Is there a JSRS pack that will recognize these and issue the proper sound replacements? Or do you have a file that has the sounds for these weapons. I can make a video and show examples however it seems kind of obvious if you just load the pack and try it out. I really hope these are corrected as this is the most comprehensive pack I have seen despite being just a ported A2 weapons pack.

  7. We had disabled all weapon addons the only thing running is CBA ACRE and VAS. Will double check again though and get back to you shortly.

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    Confirmed it is only your addon installed. ABR is not present in VAS and title is removed when loading it from the vanilla ammo crate. A side note the MK 200 cannot receive anything other then vanilla optics with your addon installed either. Seems most if not all of the other weapons can take addon optics from FHQ and R3F when tested though. Also I have been unable to attach the TWS -3050 to any vanilla weapon. These errors occur when only your addon and FHQ Accessories have been added. These were not done while having the FHQ M4 pack installed only the accessories pack