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  1. Having played TkoM for a few hrs now, watching some community videos and generally letting my imagination run riot... I wanted to ask if it was possible (in theory) to mod the terrain within the confines of the current Enforce game engine to include caves and subterranean environments under the surface?
  2. BigBANGtheory

    lost in space

    ah I see you are trying to tell part of a story, yeah it actually makes a lot more sense when you see it in 3rd person. Can I recommend you place the player in 3rd person for this intro mission? Thanks Dram, that has got me started.
  3. BigBANGtheory

    lost in space

    I love the concept of Take On Mars and loaded the game yesterday (not the developer branch) I know there are some community videos to help, and parts of a manual and tutorial vids in game.... but I am still lost. When I start a Career Mode game I do not start in Mission Control I seem to start straight into a probe and I see no info on how to control anything? What am I supposed to be doing? Thanks in advance.
  4. BigBANGtheory

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    Will we get some kind of trimmer control for the Arma 3 helis?
  5. BigBANGtheory

    UK/EU Alpha Coop

    I'd like to help if I can, I'll send an invite request to the Steam group. Steam name = BigBANGtheory btw I also have Warthog HOTAS | TrackIR 5 | Saitek Rudder Pedals and Cougar MFDs
  6. Arma2:OA is my first game of the series (and I never played OFP), so as a complete newbie its quite hard to get into and I have a simple suggestion to help other newbies. Don't do all the tutorials, then start the single player campaign because after a while the tutorials overload you with information and leave you poorly prepared as a result. Instead do the tutorials inline with the demmands of the campaign missions i.e. learn how to use armour vehicles when the campaign requires it, learn how to fly the helicopter when the campaign requires it. By doing it this way I finally got into Arma2:OA where as the other way I got bored/frustrated and reverted to 'other games'. I think you should pass on this advice in the 1st Tutorial for the benefit of complete beginners... I am not saying you should force players to do it this way just advise them. ..btw the printed manual is wrong with respect to the 'auto hover' key assignment for the UK region. ..I also played OFPDragonRising and I find Arma2:OA to be much much better.
  7. BigBANGtheory

    Operation Arrowhead - Tutorial bug

    I also have the same problem with the Attack Helicopter tutorial where my gunner will not destroy the third target with the cannon but I had no problems with the missile practice. I use Operation Arrowhead (unmodded) and patched to v1.54. I will try to revert and run this section of the tutorial again but the problem definately exists, I wonder if it has something to do with being too close to the targets when the cannon practice starts? If you go to the action menu you can try selecting 'Manual Fire' and then take it out yourself with the cannon or hydra rockets see if that helps.
  8. BigBANGtheory

    Graphical Settings

    Hi I am new to ArmaII : Arrowhead (and I don't own ArmaII the original, I do of course own Arrowhead) could the more experienced players offer some advice on performance vs. graphical settings please? My PC spec is: Intel QuadCore (qx6700) @3.2GHz 8GB of DDR2-800 RAM Ati 4890 GPU (1024MB mem) Monitor Res: 1900x1080 I had heard from the reviews that max settings is unrealistic for my spec of PC but some settings were OK to push up a bit so any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.