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  1. The Crimson Saints is a community of people that have found a home on 'The Playground', our highly modified server running the latest version of Domination - AI - Revive on 2 fantastic maps: Lingor Island v1.1 and Isla Duala v1.9. Our server uses ACE. We do not actively recruit, but rather allow people to find us and decide for themselves if they wish to play with us. I am posting this so that others may stop by and see what we are about. Since we are not a clan, members of other clans are allowed to be members also of Crimson Saints (if allowed by their clans). Membership is voluntary and has no requirements other than being respectful of our community, members and server. We have our own AutoConfig repository for Yoma AddonSync or Six Updater to connect to: http://repository.crimsonsaints.com/files/clientdownload.7z Visit us at www.crimsonsaints.com for more information. Thank you Saint Crimson Saints 'The Playground' - Lingor and Duala ACE Domination - AI - Revive
  2. The Playground is the Crimson Saints server running Domination 2.57v on Lingor Island and Isla Duala (interchangeably). These are 2 maps from IceBreakr (www.icebreakr.info). Our server is not stock, but highly modified with everything necessary to have a great time. One thing we focus on when developing is high server-side FPS and great client performance. We use a unique unit spawning method that assures the best possible experience for our users. There are no restrictions on flying or playing, so you can get right into the action. We have a Teamspeak server, and while we highly suggest using it, it is not required to play. WE DO NOT LOCK VEHICLES OR RESERVE UNITS. We run ACE, WarFX-Blastcore, Zeus AI and much much more. F16's, F14's, fast roping etc. To connect, use Yoma's Addon Sync 2009 to synchronize your files via The Playground, or check our website for mod requirements. Visit us at www.crimsonsaints.com for more information. Thanks Saint Crimson Saints 'The Playground' www.crimsonsaints.com
  3. How do you set up an ACE auto config file and URL? How does the 7z file get updated? Manually? I'd like to have one for our server, but can't find any info on setting it up.
  4. Are these custom music files placed in /sounds? OGG format? Or are you using stock BIS tracks. If custom, try PlaySound instead of PlayMusic.
  5. Do you have Expansion;ca in your command line? I know I have had to use it Perhaps see http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3045211/Running_Combined_Ops_for_Steam.html
  6. My clients get an error on loading (IBR_LCIVILIAN_PATCH) not found. You can press OK and it goes into the mission fine. Civilians don't appear to be working as they should though. I've already ran this by Icebreakr via email. He pointed me to the Lingor Units, specifically ibr_lcivilians.pbo. Problem is, all the Units files are the exact ones (date and file size) that I have in my @lingor\addons on the server and on my client. I added them when I first installed. I placed the Ambient Civilian (Expansion) module but it is not producing any protestors or otherwise civilians to be noted. There are some, but they stand around cowering. Not throwing rocks etc. I do also have the regular Ambient Civilians module implemented, which is why I think I have the ones that I do. I'm assuming something is wrong on install? Saint Crimson Saints The Playground running Lingor Island 1.1 24x7 w/mods (www.crimsonsaints.com)
  7. MB, I successfully implemented R3F both Arty and Log on a Takistan Domination map. However, when I try to implement on a Chernarus map, it breaks the Domination mission cycle. The AO's don't appear and missions are no longer given. I did change the config.sqf to make sure I am loading the proper Chernarus and not Takistan versions. Any ideas off the top of your head why this might be? It was a stock co40 Domination AI West mission. Thanks
  8. Worked like a charm. I can't believe I missed that. I was all worried about the SQF files in trying to take out BIS artillery. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks, Madbull. That fixed that particular issue. I'm using Xeno's Domination OA West AI mission, but now with v1.6, I get the following warning when starting: An other artillery module than the [R3F] Artillery and Logistic system is used in this missions. It is not recommended to use it in the same mission [Continue] It locks the screen and forces you to select Continue. It does not otherwise affect the mission. I don't mind having both available to players, but either way I don't want this warning coming up. What would be the best way disable this warning, either by disabling artillery in the Xeno mission, or disabling the warning all together? Thanks so much
  10. Madbull, thanks for the awesome scripts. It's a joy to play with. I have my ammunition types set, and everything else seems to work, but When I try to Compute a fire solution, I get the following: NO EXISTING RANGE TABLE FOR THIS AMMUNITION NO FIRE SOLUTION FOUND I believe this is coming from en_strings_lang.sqf: STR_R3F_ARTY_pas_de_table_munition = "No existing range table for this ammuniton."; I do have the R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG\init.sqf entry: #include "config.sqf" // Un serveur dédié n'en a pas besoin if !(isServer && isDedicated) then { // Load of pre-computed tables - add here the new tables // Chargement des tables précalculées - ajouter ici les nouvelles tables R3F_ARTY_tables = [ #include "tables\table_M119_et_D30.sqf" , #include "tables\table_M252_et_2b14_82mm.sqf" Within my table_M252_et_2b14_82mm.sqf file there appears to be calculations, so I'm not sure what it's looking for. Any suggestions? Also, my version is English Thanks
  11. To use however many UI you want, you just have to add those values in the max_ai segment: description.ext Say you want to make it 32 AI, just update the values and texts lines and then change your default. You can add in whatever number of AI you want. However, the more AI per person you allow, the more AI that will end up in your server (10 players x 32 AI = 320 AI). You will probably start seeing lag at about 100 AI. ---------- Post added at 05:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:21 PM ---------- BAF broke my Domination map. It's wierd. I upgraded my server (dedicated) to 1.54 and now Domination won't load. Any init changes in BAF that would cause that?
  12. 121.Saint

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Since I updated my server with the DLC, it won't load my default Domination (2.29) map. Did something change in the init files or something to make Domination load properly with BAF DLC?
  13. 121.Saint

    Disabling Secop?

    Well, I'm no longer with 121. I took my server public now, called 'Saint's Playground'. I still haven't received any responses to this thread yet with any information on getting SecOp to work on a dedicated. I really would like to be able to alter the artillery for Domination map. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Saint
  14. 121.Saint

    Disabling Secop?

    In my use of SecOp, it asks for coordinates. I just bring up the map and click where i want it, it places a green 'Fire Mission' marker and dumps the Arty right on target. I don't know anything about airplanes overhead or painting a target. That's not in my mission parameters. But just from a laymen's point of view, if it's asking you to paint a target, that would possibly mean you need to place a laser marker on the target you want. Give that a try. And I still hope someone can answer my question. Thanks
  15. 121.Saint

    Disabling Secop?

    I run the .:121:. clan coop OA server. I am using Xeno's Demolition2 mission, with alot of edits. I'm trying to make the sights and sounds my visitors see realistic. So when I talk about laying down artillery barrages, I want it to be REALISTIC. Not some virtual artillery you call from somewhere like the default Demolition2 artillery option is. Using the video below, I was able to piece together the perfect working model of artillery. I was able to put down 8 MLRS (or M119 as well) artillery in a sqad, and have it use the SECOP to call in artillery via the radio commands. The units all fire in unison (this is really spectacular to see 8 MLRS point their turrets in the direction of the fire mission, and fire sequentially into the air, and even more spectacular if you watch the result on the target). It works perfectly from within the editor preview on Multiplayer, HOWEVER, once you put it live onto a dedicated server, only the side mission part of SECOP works. The artillery does not. (I use init command to disable the side missions but left them enabled to test SECOP in general) So my question is, is there any way in my configuration (see the video) to work in a dedicated server? I'll be entirely disappointed if it cannot.