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  1. Excellent Guide, Swedge! Insurgency is one of my favorite MP/missions. A stupid question though, how do you change to Blufor? Some servers have a time limit to switch sides, if you do not the player ends up kicked.
  2. Thanks for the tips people. I'm making some crazy single player missions now. This is one cool Addon!
  3. Hello this will sound like a stupid question I'm sure but I'm stuck at the moment. Still learning this great game. I download the CHN_PREDATOR addon, I think I installed it correctly since it shows up in the "Expansions" menu on Arma2OA. I have Arma2 installed as well as OA How do I actually start the playing this addon now? It does not show in the campaign menu or scenarios. Where should I look? Many thanks all and happy holidays. XR8
  4. Thanks again Placebo, you are a legend. Hope this thread helps other n00bs out.
  5. Thanks Placebo I will try that and get back to you.
  6. Hi Placebo, I checked solidfiles and the MD5 for setup06.bin and setup07.bin in my Sprocet folder are different to the soildfiles MD5. Do I need to re-download setup06.bin? edit: setup06.bin does not match. setup07.bin is correct according to solidfiles Yes I have tried launching setup from the Sprocket folder but I still get the same error. Cheers mate.
  7. Hi, I get this error while the Setup file is copying files. Anybody know what might be wrong? The setup07.bin currupt? It's the digital download copy of Operation Arrowhead from Sprocket. File copy error (CRC does not match). c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\Expansion\Addons\weapons_e.pbo Thank you.