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    Oh, of course. Never thought of that :P
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    Seriously? Then what, may I ask, are the Walrus-mounted capsules for?
  3. So I just started a strategic mode game. Having gone halfway through the campaign I felt comfortable enough to go for the real deal. Some of my islands, though, weren't at their peak efficiency so I wanted to convert them to their best. Simple, or so i thought. But I just cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. Should be pretty straightforward right? Get the production or resource capsule and convert the command center. But that's not it. Nor is it the respective building for each type i.e. factory, mine, HQ. Any help?
  4. Naxon

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Have you actually tried setting it to 10? If not you should; there is a HUGE difference between 9.5 and 10, no joke. I can go up to 3000m and still see things more clearly than at 1000m at 9.5.
  5. I'm quite new to modding this game but I want to make 3 new ammo types. They are copies of Sh_120_HE, G_40mm_HE and B_23mm_HE As you may or may not have figured out I want to use them with LurchiDerLurch's AC-130 script. As such I only want to edit the different hit-values. Do I need any files other than the Config.bin and if so which ones? If not, what should I do with it. I tried copying the ammo types previously mentioned but they would not work in game, and in some cases even kept the game from starting. :confused: Also is it possible to let the Config be a CPP file rather than BIN? Thanks in advance! :) EDIT: I'm thinkin' it's probably something wrong with the converting, supposedly I'm not the only one with errors like that.
  6. Naxon

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Oh, that makes sense. :P Anyways, I got it working just the way i wanted to. Thanks for the help! :)
  7. Naxon

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Thanks, but how does it work _spread = (random 100)/500; How do you make it less accurate? EDIT: I figured this one out. Increasing the "100" value increases the spread. But does it affect all guns, since it's not in the individual gun types/sub groups? EDIT 2: As for this one sleep 0.1; _x = sin(random 360)*0.2; _y = sin(random 360)*0.2; _z = sin(random 360)*0.2; _shell setPos (_shell modelToWorld[_x,_y,_z]); _shell setVelocity _vel; I tried changing the values but i didn't see any difference at all. Any help appreciated. :)
  8. Naxon

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    My first post, wohoo! You can disable tracers by changing the _showParticles = true to false in Attach\ac130_att_setup.sqf AND Rotate\ac130_rot_setup.sqf I did it myself and it looks super awesome :D BTW i have a question myself, is accuracy tied to the bullet or can you change it (like you can change the rate of fire and bullet speed) without a pbo?