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  1. Looks like a thief plagiarist is claiming a song made by BIS

    I have uploaded a video a few years ago (2013) about Arma 3 Beta, it contains original sound track from BIS. So, today, somebody claimed this music, and blocked it in a lot of countries. I checked if the song was the same, but no, the sound use a part that sounds exactly as the one from BIS, probably used a sample or something.
    Here is the Original Sound Track composed by Ondrej Matejka and Jan Dusek

    And here is the fucking thief
    By the way, I am not mad because I can't make money or whatever, I mean, my video barely have a few views, is a very old video, nobody watches it anymore. The thing is the claim is false, and it is a blatant plagiarist. so mad right now!

  2. I also tried with the alpha transparency for the active elements, but... it also makes transparent the ammo, fire rate, grenade selection type, thing.

    veteran/elite does not remove that icon either

    IMO there should be an option to move it, or remove completely. We already have the interaction menu, as you can see also in the picture, top left corner.

    why I don't like it? well is very immersion breaking for me some times, I like to play Arma almost with nothing on the HUD screen




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