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    game crashes at menu

    Can you link to this thread or tell me what the problem driver was? Searching brings up so many irrelevant threads and i have the same problem as this guy except with the cd version and i've narrowed it down to a bug or a sound driver issue. My thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1672178#post1672178
  2. Showerhead

    CTD after applying any patch

    Ok gets weirder still was poking about today and running the pbo file bin.pbo in the dta will start my in an humvee in armory mode on utes working perfectly except no sound. So the problem seems to be confined either to with the start menu or something to do with the sound. Also noticed that when i load it after patched while going through the intro screens it has the small windows loading circle as the cursor which i'm sure isn't present when i run it unpatched. Attempting to load a mission with the launch parameter -path to mission means i have access to the main menu fine but the background is replaced with a camera just below the water. Attemting to load any mission, campaign or the editor from here ewsults in a ctd with a loud burst of static through my speakers.
  3. Showerhead

    CTD after applying any patch

    No retail box cd.
  4. Showerhead

    CTD after applying any patch

    Or if nobody's got any advice on this please tell me how to add it to the bugtracker.
  5. Showerhead

    game crashes at menu

    Out of interest can you post your system specs i'm having a very similar problem but with the retail boxed version.
  6. Is it possible to merge a retail Arma 2 with a steam OA was looking at OA and it's cheaper on steam than in stores.
  7. Showerhead

    Next Target control mapping

    Have the same issue but in trying to bind it to my joystick.
  8. Odd issue i bought the game a week ago patched it to 1.05 and it was running well. Went back to play it yesterday see there is a new patch (1.07) so download and install patch. Except now the game will crash about 1.5 seconds after it reaches the main menu looks like that trying to load the background causes the crash. Where it gets weirder is i uninstalled, installed again and patched it to 1.05 but now get the exact same error as with 1.07. Running the game without any patches allows it to get past the main menu. Don't think anything has changed on my system to cause this. I've installed a few games off of steam and defragged the hard drive but can't see how these could have any effect. Running Windows 7 on Core 2 dual core processor Ati 4890 graphics, driver 10.6 I would put this in the community issue tracker site mentioned in the sticky but i can't find where you're meant to enter the details.