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  1. Hi, I'm making a TvT/CTI mission, I currently have all my capture points set up (7), in order to cap the point there can't be any enemy players in the radius and (depending on the size of the point) you need a certain amount of friendlies with you. All of this is working perfectly fine, however I have no idea how to give feedback to the people capping the points. Specifically I want them to know when they've begun capping the point and when they've finished capping it, without them having to look on their map. Could someone please help me out? Also, although it's not as big of a deal, I would like to spawn ATVs at each capture point once a team captures the point (the points go back and forth so I'm not sure if it would even be possible)
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    Do you know if there is a conflict with VAS? I tried using this script with VAS but when I die, my character becomes naked and then respawns in the ocean.
  3. I want to make it so that when the player comes within range of a trigger, multiple satchels go off. Is there anyway I could do this? I already tried using the "IED" method from ArmA 2 but it doesn't seem to work.
  4. So I've got a problem with my mission. Each player starts with a backpack filled with 10 claymores and 20 C4 pack, but upon death they respawn and start with their standard blufor rifleman loadout instead of the customized one that I made. Is there anyway to make them continually respawn with the customized loadout?
  5. It spawns the satchel on the ground, however it does not detonate it. The mission I'm doing is one where all the players are unarmed and trying to escape from AI. Upon reaching a certain location, I want the area to be blown up. Thanks though. If there was just some sort of command that automatically detonate all satchels in the area once a trigger was activated and the satchels spawned, that would be perfect.
  6. Placebo could you please give me your email address so I can send it to you?
  7. I sent mine on the 22nd and I haven't received a response yet. My email name is jken223.
  8. This is the exact message. "We have reviewed your video and need more information. Please provide written documentation that you have all necessary commercial rights to make money from your content. Simply stating that you own the video content is not enough." I gave them a link to this thread, to the quote in the PDF, and a link to BI's site. I'm not really sure what else they want.
  9. Thanks, but I figured it out and sent it to the emails in the OP. However, after trying to monetize my video and providing the quote in the PDF and a link to this thread, YouTube is still saying I need to send more information. What am I supposed to send?
  10. How do I edit the PDF so I can fill the needed areas? Adobe Reader doesn't let me edit the text :/
  11. ok this is getting stupid, i've tried everything. even the updated BAT has the same problem, it opens for a second then closes. and verifying the cache did jack all
  12. ok so i've tried the BAT, when i run it it just opens for half a second then closes i also tried some other stuff but nothing has worked, i copied my ArmA 2 folder and placed it into my OA steam folder and when i went in-game ARmA 2 was under the Expansions menu and when i enabled it and relaunched the game my menu got messed up and it looked like the ArmA 2 menu now i also have an option on steam when launching OA to launch "ArmA 2 : Combined Operations" but when i do that, the BAT from this thread opens for half a second then closes anyone please?