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  1. How well would this work in ArmA 3?
  2. You are implying that their development team is extremely small...it is not, is 50+ Here are the credits for ArmA2 - http://www.allgame.com/game.php?id=72009&tab=credits There team has grown even bigger for ArmA3 as they have another division that split off and created the Carrier game.
  3. The ArmA3 dev team have gotten scarily quiet...not a shred of new info, no screen shots, no video, only thing new we know of is that the alpha got pushed to atleast december =(.
  4. Toasticuss

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    Alpha should be out to test the core mechanics of the gameplay and engine, such as multiplayer limitations, scripting feedback, mission development behind the scenes...
  5. Well that explains why that isn't working, so to get around that I could use two triggers and sync them both to a waypoint right? I synced a time only trigger to a vehicle move waypoint but the vehicle moves right after it spawns.... Why is that? Condition being - this && (time > 35); I also tried the same trigger with the condition being this and just a count down of 30 seconds but the vehicle also moves right away...
  6. Thanks for the response again, sadly it still did not work, here is the mission if you want to see if I did correctly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejoulqstrfsay4j/Radio_or_time%2520activation.Desert_E.zip The humvee should move if the radio is triggered or 30 seconds has lapsed....
  7. Thanks for the quick response, it unfortunately still does nothing :(
  8. Hey guys, this is probably an extremely easy answer for someone more versed in editing, I need to make a trigger fire off either by radio execution or by waiting a certain amount of time. For the condition I've tried the only thing I can think of which is this or time == 30; 30 being the seconds it should wait until it fires off, however it doesn't do anything, only the radio works. Can anyone please assist? Thanks.
  9. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Iron Fury

    Go right ahead, you can use as much as you want.
  10. Toasticuss

    [SP/OA] Wolverine Feast

    How about download links to the addons? EDIT: Link was in Read Me Here it is if anyone wants it http://www.filefront.com/17224232/McTierOneV31.rar/
  11. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    That sounds like it would be awesome! :rolleyes:
  12. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Yes, just make the condition of presence 50%
  13. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Good to know people are still having fun with it :). I will for sure look into making audio ques, I need another American voice to make it sound right with mine otherwise it would just be my voice. Want to contribute? I could make the pilots in random buildings but for now its good where they are. In this new version now for some reason the enemies will run to the extraction chopper lol, I have no idea why, I can fix it by moving a few of their locations. In MP are you at all able to team switch? I've known about the leader not doing anything for a while now if your not controlling him. I don't know what to do with it besides telling people to get a full co-op game going, otherwise just play SP. I am looking into a respawn script if I can get it working Ill make a multiplayer only version. Let me know if your up for voice work.
  14. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    If you tell them to mount the chopper or tell them to get back to formation they will move. They are invincible because they are unarmed and stupid, they would just die right away if they weren't invincible.
  15. Toasticuss

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    ------------------------------------------ VERSION 1.60 OUT NOW ------------------------------------------ * M16 Added for use with all squad members * M249 Added for use * M24 Added for Marksman * Fixed Pilots not joining group properly in certain situations * Cleaned up old code and made the mission a bit smaller * Fixed Debriefing * Pilots should no longer get stuck ------------------------------------------ Grab it here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/80u9q33x8nqtlqb/OperationBlackThunder.ZargabadV1.60.zip