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  1. Good places to start would be: Mr Murray's Editing Guide (for Arma, but most of it still applies). http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847 Another guide, for Arma2 - just found this recently myself and it's very good: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13109 For specific examples of more complex scripts etc, with demo missions so you can see it all working, Kylania is a forum regular and an absolute legend. He helped me out last year with several scripts, and has probably taught me more than anyone else here: http://www.kylania.com/ex/ This guy has some good videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/eclipse245#p/u/40/oIIN4Fep3U0 You're starting down a road that will get longer and more complicated the further you go down it. It will be daunting, and infuriating, and you'll have to learn some scripting, but it's well worth it. Search these forums and Armaholics too for specific things you want to do - it's a safe bet that someone's already asked, and answered before you. Above all else, keep asking questions and persevere!
  2. Ok, on further checking - with the saved briefing.html, the briefing appears in SP mode (yay). The actual tasks etc are gone though - presumably because the briefing.html I used was blank. I'll check in a second and transfer the code from my .sqf to the .html, which I assume will sort it out. However - the Biki says that in Arma2, briefing.html is only used to hold the debriefing information, which as I said, I'm not using. So is the Biki just plain wrong, and Arma2 needs .html, not .sqf? EDIT: Yup, transferring the code to the .html and changing the init.sqf to call the .html instead of the .sqf makes it all work perfectly. Guess the documentation's wrong after all!
  3. (lots of swearing later..:) ) Yup, you're quite right - forgot to resave the mission with the .html file present! What a plonker I am! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. So, just to clarify then - in Arma2 that briefing.html needs to be present (even if empty) as well as the briefing.sqf, but in Op Arrow, briefings work fine with just the .sqf?
  4. Ok, will do. I was under the impression that briefing.html was only used for debriefing text (which I wasn't going to use). Is it the case then that this file is still required, even if it's not going to be used? It's not called anywhere in the init.sqf? Appreciate the help mate, seem to remember you helping me once or twice before in fact - so thanks! :) Edit: tried it, no success. :(
  5. Celery - briefing.html? I have briefing.sqf in there, does it need to be .html in Arma2? I used to make missions for Op Arrow, but this is my first go at making one for Arma2. I assumed they were the same though for the most part, I knew OA had some minor differences in the way the editor/scripting is used? Like I say the briefing screen shows up fine when played as an MP mission, just not if played as an SP mission. In both modes the task/diary entries show up fine once you're in the game and playing, but odd that it doesn't show the briefing in a single player start. :)
  6. Hey guys, it's been ages since I last coded briefings (made several missions for Op Arrow), but I'm having a little trouble coding for vanilla Arma2. I've got my briefing set up, my init.sqf is there with execVM "briefing.sqf"; in it (I just copied an init.sqf from one of my older missions for OA, which works fine). When I load my Arma2 mission with all the above set up correctly, the task and diary texts appear as normal on the map screen etc - but the actual briefing itself doesn't run at startup, it just loads straight to the game engine. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious, and I have googled/searched for a good half hour with no success. Anyone care to tell me what I'm doing wrong? :) EDIT: here's the briefing.sqf: waitUntil { !isNil {player} }; waitUntil { player == player }; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Info", "Created by SkyDice<br/>http://www.theclawproject.net"]]; player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Scenario", "US forces are undertaking a covert insertion to locate and disable an enemy Early Warning Radar system and accompanying AA batteries."]]; tskobj_1 = player createSimpleTask["Disable AA Site"]; tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Locate and destroy enemy Radar installation and AA batteries", "Destroy AA/Radar Installation", "AA/Radar Installation"]; tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "obj_marker1"); player setCurrentTask tskobj_1; // run this file again when respawning (only setup the killed EH once though) if ( isNil{player getVariable "mk_killedEHadded"} ) then { player addEventHandler ["killed", { [] spawn { waitUntil { alive player }; // waitUntil player has respawned execVM "briefing.sqf"; }; }]; player setVariable ["mk_killedEHadded", true]; }; EDIT2: More confused now. The briefing loads properly when run as a multiplayer game, but not as a single player. Guessing this is something to do with the scripting in the briefing.sqf... ah well as long as it works, though if anyone knows why do let me know!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks BIS for patch 1.55 - I can finally run both GPU's (5770) and get much better performance at full 3D resolution. Game plays like a dream now! :)
  8. Loving it so far, much better (despite the occasional dubious moment of voice acting, some brilliant moments too tho) than the Arrowhead/ARMA2 campaigns in terms of playability. Still have no idea how to use the construction interface in the firebase mission. BUT - oh my god, why no co-op?! The whole of Arrowhead has it, why not this? These missions would be perfect for 2-10 players! Hopefully either BIS'll change it, or someone more savvy than me will mod them!
  9. Can't access the site, so it can go here. It's been posted in the troubleshooting thread, but has slipped off the front page (I found it by extensive googling on the subject): http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=106407 Basic tripod bags are not in the backpack menu in the editor. Static placed weapons can be broken down into mortar + tripod sets, but a bagged mortar (for example) given to a player, or left for them to collect is useless, as we can no longer give/place the tripod required to assemble it for use. OP tested better than I did though, I just came across it by accident while toying with mortar packs and static weapons just now. :)
  10. Is 10.7 actually any good then? Few people seem to think so? 10.6 wasn't stable, I might upgrade if 10.7's worth it for OA. Did anyone get better FPS or performance?
  11. Kylania's a legend, isn't he? :D
  12. SkyDice

    Ambient Combat Module

    Lots more. First thing that needs to be overhauled IMO.
  13. SkyDice

    Mission Help

    Ok, great, thanks! I do have a couple more questions though.. :) I'm using this heli extraction script btw (thanks again - searching does work sometimes!), on a BLUFOR present trigger getpos'd to the grouped invisible H, like you said: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=103625&highlight=helicopter+extraction and I just want to check that when you say you mean putting a functions module down for each and naming them hStart & hEnd - for where the heli is spawned, and where it should land/vanish? I'm going to have the hEnd at an airbase, with an endmission BLUFOR/Present trigger when they get close to the base.I'm also using: to set up weapons (stolen ak's) for the escapees - but the mission begins early in the morning and it's pitch black (for a while anyway). I'd like one or two of the players to have NV goggles (maybe the guards had them, etc) so they're not completely screwed in the dark, but the addweapon/addmagazine don't recognise the class "NVGoggles". Any idea how to add NV goggles manually? Also, looking at the Direction Spawn in the editor, I see you've got a trigger making sure the groups are dead in the mission area, and that you've got radio triggers set for each group. the .sqf seems to randomly select one of the spawn markers to spawn the group when the trigger is called. So - to implement this in my mission (say, three or four locations where enemies will spawn when approached), am I right in thinking I'd need to make one spawn marker, one trigger that uses the selnewdir.sqf (set to say 8 men) script and a unique selnewdir.sqf for each location? Would I also need separate triggers to ensure the groups are dead? I think I understand most of it, just filling in my own gaps now lol! I'm also not sure what's defining 'infdestination' (I assume a getpos player?) to define where the enemy attacks. Thanks again for all the help :) EDIT: Tested it all and for some reason, the exfil point only appears at the invisible H :( I've got an invisible H grouped with 4 empty markers (exfil1 through 4), with in the init line (the briefing calls a marker called "exfilmarker" to place the objective, which is also getpos'd to the invisible H). The trigger, trig1 has on a BLUFOR present 50 x 50 metres (so they'll trigger it, and the message, when they get close). The invisible H is grouped as you said, but it doesn't seem to be randomising the spawn between the markers and the placement position, the H just stays where it is. After a bit more testing, the trig1 setpos/exfilmarker setpos aren't being placed on top of the invisible H, AND the H isn't randomising it's spawn with the grouped markers either - so it's actually two problems!
  14. Kylania pointed me to this thread, but I'm also having trouble getting the ammo to drop. HMMV works fine, plonks it right down in front of me, but "USBasicWeapons_EP1" does nothing. Any ideas?
  15. SkyDice

    Mission Help

    Wow script looks great, thanks - one problem is that de-pboing is completely beyond me (I have the program but no idea how to use it, and yes I've tried!) so I won't be able to check that way. However, from what you've said this code is going in a selNewDir.sqf (which I can create fine), to be called by a trigger (which is where it gets sketchy). Can you fill in the gaps? You're creating two groups, waiting until both are killed and then calling another two groups? Is there a delay? I get the set enemies count section (should it be set to '0'?). How would I duplicate markers - if that's where enemies are spawning, then marker a/b will be fairly close to the trigger perimeter - to set up multiple triggered spawns in different places?