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  1. I don't suppose anyone has used SoYouStart or Kimsufi (both part of OVH)?
  2. Thanks for the input! Sadly, I'm out near Vancouver so eastern Canadian pings are somewhat borderline, let alone European. A quick ping of your TS server averages 180ms for me. Shame really, they have some very compelling prices, especially under the auction section.
  3. I would love to get some input from all of you wonderful folks on what sort of server hardware you're running (dedicated or virtual, cores/clock/RAM, etc) and how it's working out for you now that the game has been out for a few months (performance/typical player count, style of missions/mods, other software or servers running off the same box, anything like that). I've been looking into setting up an A3 server for a while and I'm trying to get a more complete picture of what sort of specifications are needed to provide a satisfactory experience before taking the plunge. I've been digging around for a few days but most of the information I've found around these and other forums has been somewhat incomplete and often a little outdated. I'd really love to hear from those running smaller servers (10-20ish slots) but also those who have managed to get large packed ones running smoothly. Really, any experience in that department is appreciated. As a followup, I'd be grateful for any recommendations for good hosts in western NA (particularly in the ballpark of Seattle or Vancouver, Canada). I find the idea of a DS or VDS more appealing than a managed game server but that does seem to drive the cost up in a hurry, especially for a smaller server. Right now a VDS from NFOservers.com is looking pretty appealing although I'm concerned the performance might be a little borderline. For what it's worth, I'm looking to operate a fairly small server (~10-20 slots) and aiming to run primarily objective oriented (for lack of a better description) co-op missions and Zeus-enabled DMing for group sessions a few times a week, rather than always on Wasteland or Insurgency type sandbox missions. Being able to squeeze in a Mumble or TS server would be nice but that's secondary. Any input you have would be much appreciated!
  4. vohk


    I just leave mine alone, other than shifting most of it off my OS drive and onto a spare/storage disk. Good article explaining why it generally isn't worth it to mess around with them here. (Forgot to mention I'm using the Volume version, although that only matters if you want to try caching a single partition.) That's about the same as I noticed. Not so much improved FPS as less in the way of hangs and pop-in. Time to go fly low over Chernogorsk.
  5. vohk


    I've only played around a little bit with FancyCache and Arma, but it looks promising. LOD switching seems a bit smoother. After the initial start-up, greatly improves loading times for most games. I have 8GB of RAM as well. YMMV, but: Block size: 16KB (Smaller is supposed to be better, up to disk cluster size, but increases overhead/wasted RAM on large volumes. I have a 1TB 7200RPM HDD, 4KB cluster size. I find a larger cache more useful than a 4KB block size so far.) Algorithm: LFU-R (Takes frequency of use into account) Cache Size (L1): 4000MB (Have to leave enough memory for windows, the game, any other running apps) Caching Strategy: Read-Only (I've heard of a few people having issues with read/write, especially deferred write, and file corruption. Can't confirm, don't want to go there.) No L2 Cache (Only useful if you have a separate SSD* to put the L2 on, and still much slower than the L1) The above set up leaves me with ~2200MB of free RAM at the desktop. I don't believe I've ever seen Arma2 go past ~1.8GB, but it's always good to leave a little headroom. Keep in mind it only helps with file calls that have already been made at least once, but once a game has been running for a bit the performance monitor usually shows a 75-90% read hit rate for me. *edit: or if you have more RAM than your 32-bit OS can use. re: 'Invisible Memory'
  6. That error comes up when the games tries to run for the first time without admin privileges and can't write to the registry. Close Steam, right click on the steam.exe (in the main Steam folder), 'Run as administrator'. When it loads up, then launch the game and you should be good to go from then on. (edit: You can also do this with the shortcut from Properties->Compatibility, but that will give it admin rights every time it launches from that lnk.)
  7. If you want multiplayer where you can just hop in a random server, blast through a few rounds of nice, straightforward modes, get BF3. If you want to play a more serious simulation, where you can play through a huge supply of existing missions (stock and community made) or create anything you like on maps measured in km as apposed to metres, get Arma. Arma does have good MP, but it's much more group oriented. You are unlikely to be happy if all you want out of it is competitive pub MP. Two totally different games. Kind of like asking if you should get DCS A-10 or Tom Clancy's Hawx.
  8. vohk

    General Impressions

    One thing that immediately stuck out to me- making almost any change in the video options menu causes the scene to instantly reload. I'm used to this behaviour from Arma2 but, since it feels like the load times are significantly longer with TOH, it would be nice to be able to adjust multiple settings before applying the changes. Less time consuming.
  9. It's not a problem with W7. My guess is you have an older system and/or have your settings too high. What are you system specs? Updated your video card drivers recently?
  10. That is really more of a feature request than a bug. I agree it would be nice if all of those little rough patches got polished up, but I think it is hard to argue that the improvements to interpolation will have a much greater impact on overall gameplay. There's always something to work on and they can only do so much at a time. (...and I believe that fix would require a content upgrade, re: major patch, anyway)
  11. If I (running this beta) am connected to a server (vanilla 1.59), the problem I described with Domi/Insur* occurs only for me. Everyone running 1.59 or an older beta (pre-interpolation) sees everything as it should be, so I assume the problem is client side. The more I read it sounds like it is related to the SetPos/SetDir issues, but I don't understand the scripting enough to be sure or to make a decent repro. *On JIP: Dom- MHQs are always in base at default spawn locations, even if moved and/or previously, MHQs still show correctly as deployed but teleport always returns you to MHQ spawn ; Insurgency- HQ 'spawn' is at the default location in the corner of the map, irrelevant of actual location.
  12. Ah good stuff. I do note that, if it is the same issue, the client-side issues occur whether or not the server is also running the beta. If that matters.
  13. Apologies if this has been covered already, I didn't see anything that quite fit in this thread. This beta does something funny to join-in-progress on missions like Domination and Insurgency. Playing BLUFOR in Insurgency, on my screen the 'HQ' spawn is stuck in the default location in the far corner of the map, even though it's been moved several times. Other players (also JIP, using vanilla/older betas) see it where it's supposed to be. Similar issue in Domination- if an MHQ is moved and deployed by someone else, I am able to use the teleport function but it moves me to where the MHQ spawns in the base. It seems like the positions arn't updating as they should. Sorry I can't provide a repro. I do know that both servers were not running a beta version and I havn't been able to test if it occurs on a server running the same beta.
  14. Always a good idea to take a peak at benchmarks before pulling the trigger on a new GPU. Keep in mind every new generation brings in a complete range of cards; the 9800 is getting pretty dated but was on the upper end of its gen, where the 430 is pretty close to the bottom of its cohort. Enthusiast hardware usually tops economy stuff for a generation or two, in raw performance at least.
  15. vohk

    Bad Serial Number

    1. You need to become acquainted with the search function. 2. Close Steam. Launch Steam 'as administrator', then launch the game normally. 3. If that still fails, reboot and try the above again. By the way, you can view serial keys for games purchased through Steam by right clicking the game in the library and then 'View game CD key', although that won't help here.