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    Joint coop / pvp games

    Hey Buddy, So , about that joint ops eh? :) how many guys are you? we're about 16ish people playing "semi realistic" but not forgetting that it's a game and nobody it takes too serious :) We're currently two Squads that have gotten together and we're slowly starting out a joint effort idea... We have server running and for this game.. it's obviously the more the merrier kinda game eh? :) So, I guess my question is.. what is your idea of the joint community effort? That we play regulary together and TvT's etc (actually we play every Sunday and Friday for events) Oh and I noticed your Swedish.. hvilket naturligvis kun er en bonus, ikke sandt? :D Vores forum addresse er: http://nakedfanatics.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=42 (Whooops, I meant to PM you, now it ended up on the entire forum!, aw well)
  2. well, did someone reply to you or would you still be interrested in playing with some chaps? :)
  3. thorin12

    Where do you play?

    Hey Concurssi, You know what, you are absolutely right, that is actually pretty lousy that we never actually wrote the direct server information. I hate if people think we host locally, lol , I've raised the issue internally just right now, cheers for that feedback ;) Nah we don't , we do actually have a server, just .. erm, at the risk of making this sound like a cheap advertise, just filter for "naked" and you'll find it :) Of course if you are up for it, register on the forum as well! hehe, though I can understand the pain of having 200 different accounts on 200 different forums :) (Edit, I'm pming you the link Concurssi as I don't want to go too much offtopic, not fair to the OP)
  4. thorin12

    OA+BAF CTD Crash

    Hey Obrien, Miss seeing you on the NF server man, how is it coming along?
  5. thorin12

    Where do you play?

    I usually play on the www.nakedfanatics.com server , obvious reason is the server owned by my Squad, hehe :) We have alot of different maps going on(arrowhead or original arma2), all times of the day and admins in different timezones so we can take care of the worst ;) We don't play domi but I have been toying around with the idea.. not entirely sure yet, we have spot for 24 people.. now a days, Insurgency is VERY popular on our server :o
  6. Hey krompris! I'm Thorin the, shall we say, "regular" Squad leader at NF and have the doubtfull honour of leading these screaming madmen around ! I heard you already played with the guys, awesome :) and awesome to have you around, hope to see you soon! You'll need a little getting use to the commands but do not let that in anyway scare you off, we're all very helpfull. And we're based all over the world from, Europe, North America to even an Australian. I'm Danish by the way so you'll have to put up with some Danish Swedish teasing ;) Nah just kidding !