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  1. Well unfortunatley i bought the game when it was released so i wont be able to get a replacement for it because in addition ive moved to a totally different place so the store is nowhere near my current location. And yes it has some scratches wich look like theyve originated from rotating in the drive, if placebos tipp doesnt work ill definetly try to get it as clean as possible with a decent cleaning kit. Thanks for all the suggestions (=
  2. well that kinda...sucks ^_^
  3. Hi everybody, i have just decided to install operation arrowhead, problem is just that i get an error message at about 20% of the installation from the ca.pbo file wich says "crc doesnt match", so i searched the web for this issue and i found out that its either my disc or my drive being the problem, now anyways i could install Arma2 without any problems, so i guess it must be the disc, wich still leaves me kinda annoyed of course im not gonna buy a new copy as i already have one Oo. Still wanting to play, i tried to register my Retail version via Steam wich didnt work at all with the given cd-key, my question now, is there ANY way to get this game registered over steam from the retail product ? oO i also googled the shit out of it but it doesnt seem like theres any topic on this, at least i couldnt find one. id really appreciate your help, thanks in advance. Phil.
  4. Hi guys, yesterday i just thought that id love to tryout the 3D editor for Mission making. But when i tried to set my first unit down i encounbtered a small problem, of course toplace a Unit you need a unit group and a unit tpe but i have no option to choose either unit or type as the Dropdown menus seem to not contain any files to choose from. Oo ! Any clue on that ? Thanks Phil
  5. hey i just played around with the MAAWS in the armory, i guess 1 - 5 is kilometers, so each step is a 1000 meters.
  6. Poncho

    open Season.

    awesome man, thanks so muchos ^_^
  7. hi all, ive just reached the Open Season mission and I am now at the point to use the ULB, ive only got one question about this, i can only move the ULB up and down, not forward or backwards. Is that meant to be or is this a bug or something like it ?? Because i can barely make out 2 AA locations from the beginning position, no matter how high i get even at max viewdistance i can only make out 2 positions >.>. what am i doin wrong ^^ ?? i have checked the options there are no key left to bind and ive tried them all . greetings Poncho, and thanks for help.