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  1. I've created a night defense mission of Stasvow, It is relatively short. This is the first mission I created for any game ever and I have only tested it once, so I expect there will bugs. Since I have not played the game's vanilla campagin, I apologize in advance if there is any similarity. Any feed back or advice on mission editing/idea is welcome. You are a advance squad of German reinforcement sent to Stasvow, after much of the original garrison force has abandoned their post due to high intensity of soviet shelling. you are to defend the town at all cost untill German panzers arrive. Tasks -Find and eliminate soviet scouts. -repel the infantry attack -defeat soviet armor -wait for panzers to arrive Edit, One of the waypoints was out of sync, new version uploaded Download Link http://www.gamefront.com/files/21764640/Defense_of_Staszow.Staszow.ifa
  2. sicsheep

    Sprocket BAF and Steam AO/CO

    thanks for the fast reply from devs, I just bought it off sproket and yes it works like a charm. Tested with AO and CO. Although the download speed via browser took whole 10 mins on my 60mbps downspeed connection for a 368mb installer. Take that steam! ---------- Post added at 04:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:59 AM ---------- looks like i won't be able to double sponsor BIS this tim :D
  3. are they compatible? Has anyone tried? waiting is for a steam release is just plain painful.
  4. sicsheep

    RH wip thread

    can we expect your previous packs to be re-configered for OA? adding new features like flashlight, laser, TWS etc...to be added to the mk18?